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Cindy TillmanName: Cindy Tillman

Age: 44

Turn-ons: guys who cook, Pocono vacations, the 19th Amendment, pantsuits, divorced men, Anna Quindlen--or any of the authors on Oprah's list!

Turn-offs: body odor, bad posture, slutty girls, Afghanistan, Bob Packwood, red meat, men who like "thin" girls, which is a relative term anyway and only based on sexist cultural traditions

How I became the BEAST Page 3 Empowered Woman: Well, my eldest son Spencer got an internship with The BEAST this summer, which is a long story in itself; he had a brief bi-curious period last fall, when he had a fling with a nephew of guitarist Robert Cray, who as it happens was in Buffalo this spring to do some studio work with a band The BEAST was developing. The band never made it, but numbers were exchanged and Spencer got a job. So when he learned the editors were looking for a Page 3 Empowered Woman, he came straight to me!

Future plans: I should be getting a promotion in the next six months, unless I'm passed over again for a less-qualified man. I have some periodenture I want to get done, and I have a film project about cats that I'm pursuing with Albert Sayles, who's a great friend.

How I want to be remembered: As a fabulous mother who put her goals and ambition before society's rules for what a woman should be. As an avid reader and a huge Paul Simon fan.

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