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ArrowPresident Rubber vs. Speaker Glue
Pelosiís scarf and GOP barf

Allan Uthman

ArrowIn Defense of Ann Coulter?
Conservatives have a right to be assholes, just like real people

Paul Fallon

ArrowWithdrawal Symptoms
Iraq timetable’s a political fix

Matt Taibbi

ArrowJesus Christ!
People will believe anything

Ian Murphy

ArrowWhat, Me Worry?
Iranians aren’t scared of a U.S. attack

Russ Wellen

ArrowLandslide of Failure
The battle for election integrity is led by... the Governor of Florida?

Brad Friedman

ArrowDeregulation Killed my Cat
Food contamination: the Bush legacy

Allan Uthman

ArrowThe Whining Minority
Republican congressman turns from bully to baby

Matt Taibbi

ArrowIt's tax time again and I want to maul you
A.Rabid Dog

Self-refuting quotations from the world of politics

ArrowBonobos vs. Chimps
A Debate for Lemur Philosophers

A. Monkey


ArrowThe Beast Page 3
Censored Chocolate Jesus

ArrowKino Korner: Movies
Are We Done Yet?, Grindhouse, Blades of Glory, Pride, Reign Over Me, The Lookout, The Reaping, Perfect Stranger, Vacancy, Fracture

As divined by your ethereal guide

Arrow[sic] - Letters
A Very Thin Hope, Classy, Mile High Club, Equal Rights Harassment, Kiwi Fruit and more


Kino Korner


Are We Done Yet? | Grindhouse | Blades of Glory | Pride
Reign Over Me | The Lookout | The Reaping
Perfect Stranger | Vacancy | Fracture

Reign Over Me

With each passing day, reality is becoming more like an infomercial. It’s like the blueprint for women is a smiling methed-out battle hag with a Fantastic Sam’s hairstyle excited about a Lillian Vernon catalog. And all guys are supposed to turn into tanned sub-alphas who try to hypnotize you by not blinking. Why is this? Reign Over Me, that’s why. It’s the story of former college roommates coming across each other years later. Adam Sandler plays the one who lost his family on 9/11 and became a scooter-riding, retarded Bob Dylan. Don Cheadle became an uptight dentist. Judging by the trailer, they start an Iron Butterfly tribute band and inadvertently learn something about themselves through each other.

Reign Over Me acts ballsy for incorporating 9/11 using a national tragedy as a way to get an audience misty is transparently manipulative, and just plain lazy. In all likelihood the flick will give us yet another reason to rue that fateful day. If I become a quadriplegic and my helper monkey hides the remote while it’s on cable someday, then I’ll see it.





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