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Our guide to mind-boggling presidential illusions! You won't believe your eyes!

Democrats cross streams in Turkey
Allan Uthman

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A campaign 2008 diary
Matt Taibbi

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Canada boots CodePink leader
Ian Murphy

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The inevitable vadge in chief
A Monkey

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A chat with Massimo Pigliucci, godless heathen

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The evolution of product placement
Steve Gordon

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Rehab for Grand Old Perverts
Rich Herschlag

ArrowSome Brief Thoughts on Abortion
Proffesor H. T. Muttonchops

ArrowInterview with Ron Hawkins
Lowest of the Low frontman is surprisingly un-stupid


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ArrowBritney Spears' Mitochondria Descended from Bacteria

ArrowDan Jumbo Threatens Local Wildlife


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Freaky Sci-fi Reality

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Matt Cale

Your completely accurate horoscope

[sic] - Letters

  Dan Jumbo Poses Threat to Wildlife

BUFFALO, NY—Celebrity carpenter of the TLC home makeover series “While You Were Out” Andrew Dan Jumbo has struck again. In June—some may remember—the Buffalo resident was detained at an American Red Cross charity event for belligerent disruption. The charges were dropped. Now, The BEAST has learned that Dan Jumbo is engaged in something far more sinister.

“I’ve seen him in Delaware Park,” says an unnamed source, “force-feeding cocaine to squirrels.” Dan Jumbo reportedly lures the squirrels with cashews into a finely crafted oak trap with Celtic patterned cedar inlays. Once captured, Dan Jumbo pries open their mouths and spits a mixture of milk and cocaine down their gullets, which he has lovingly prepared in his own mouth. “Then he shouts,” adds the eyewitness, “’Me Dan Jumbo! Lord of all squirrel-kind!’”

Frenetic and disoriented, the squirrels then bolt up the closest tree. Many succumb to heart failure just a few feet up the trunk. “It’s really demented,” says our source. Dan Jumbo then collects the small corpses in a burlap sac, and uses them to make a “magic stew” that is said to enhance his “carpentry skills.”





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