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God Is Not A Fan Of The Ladies




Earlier in the week I had the opportunity to interview Melody Hensley from CFI-DC about a conference she’s organizing about women’s issues and the secular movement. Hopefully we got a few more people to attend it but if nothing else it’s gotten me thinking about these issues a little more. So check out these weird sexist dudes I’ve learned about this week.


Peterson, seen here, getting stupid all over the place.

Jesse Lee Peterson is a pastor who sounds a lot like a stroke victim. He also has some problems with women. For one thing, they’re in positions of power nowadays, which means that America is “over.” Also, their power isn’t “real” because “the world” gave it to them. It would only be “real power” if it came from The Jesus. Apparently their fake power is only real enough to DESTROY AMERICA, which is a pretty easy thing to do since all you need to do for that is to make this oversensitive, mouth-breathing simpleton uncomfortable.

Speaking of destroying America, Peterson supported Newt Gingrich for President. It turns out he was a big fan of Newt’s race-baiting comments about how minority children should be made to get jobs as janitors at their schools so they could learn a work ethic. Peterson concurred and even doubled down by telling The HuffPo that blacks should be “sent back to the plantation.”

While most African-Americans in reality are doing fine with the “work ethic,” Peterson definitely is not. He’s a preacher, which means he begs for money for giving hate-filled speeches like the one above about how he’s afraid of women and offended by feminism. That’s all he does for “work.” That and, I don’t know, probably trying to fit his fist in his mouth or something like that.


She can wreck our national sovereignty any time.

Alex Jones, you guys! In his admittedly impressive 23 hours of programming a day he’s got this video in which he exposes Angelina Jolie. Unfortunately he would mean to use the term exposure in the “journalistic” sense of the word. Even worse and in true Alex Jones style he fails to do even that.

But first of all, Kony 2012 is a scam people! That’s not to say that it’s rife with inaccuracies as most of us by now know. No, it’s all war propaganda, coincidentally like all other forms of media not owned by Alex Jones, Inc.

And do you know who else besides Invisible Children makes non-Alex Jones movies? That’s right; Angelina Jolie! And what’s more is that she supports the United Nations peacekeeping missions around the world. Doesn’t she know that Alex Jones disapproves?

Of course it’s not enough for Jones to say that he thinks Jolie is mistaken because she isn’t taking his conspiracy theories into account. She has to be evil. And when you’re a puritanical Christian nutjob with women issues, the way you disagree with a woman is to call her a “globalist whore,” a “cunning vampire,” and a “re-animated corpse” that “needs to be arrested” for her political opinions.

See, Jones is a “libertarian” and definitely “not a fascist” even though he sounds exactly like one all the time with his paranoid rants about the communist — erg, I mean “globalist” — world takeover and how people who disagree with him should be imprisoned. It’s kind of like how he’s “not a misogynist” even though the only way he can disagree with a woman is by calling her a whore.


I’ve kind of buried the lede here. It’s a good thing to point out how badly religion treats women. But what does it say about the secular movement when even in spite of all this, it’s still largely male-dominated?

There’s definitely a problem within the community with both passive and overt sexism. There are hopelessly aloof academics like Richard Dawkins who seem to think Western feminism’s job is over and done with. And then there are despicable scumbags like TJ Kincaid, the “Amazing Atheist,” who makes not-so-amazing rape threats. If those anecdotes aren’t convincing, then consider the data showing that women are more religious than men. The reasons for this fact are probably many and complicated, but what’s most surprising about this is how so many of the major religious texts have — to put it mildly — a problem with women in general. But even the openly misogynist antics of dudes like Paul, Mohammed, Jesse Peterson, and Alex Jones seem to create a more welcoming atmosphere to women than the secular community. That’s pretty shameful.

There was an old joke in the Soviet Union that went like this: What did communism do that capitalism couldn’t? It made capitalism look good. And the sad truth seems to be that one thing secularism is doing that religion can’t is to make religion look feminist — or at least palatable to women.

Most of us probably know about all the bizarre religious doctrines about how women on their period need to be shunned and sent out of the village, or how a woman not being a virgin when she’s married is a crime punishable by death. Although they’re actually written into the holy texts of various religions, most of their practitioners ignore them nowadays. But obviously there is still lots of sexism going on within religious communities. I’m going to point out a few because we should remember that even in spite of all this horrible shit, apparently more women feel more comfortable allied with religion than with the secular community. And that should alarm us.


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  • http://freethoughtblogs.com/axp/ Russell Glasser


    Thanks for your post. I’m a member of the Atheist Experience show, and you linked one of my blog posts on when you mentioned The Amazing Atheist. I’d like to say a few words in defense of my community.

    There’s definitely a bit of a divide going on with respect to feminism in the atheist community. Part of the issue is that atheism tends to be pursuit that is of particular interest to people who would like to be considered intellectual — or to put it less charitbly, geeks. Geeks in general often seem to have an uncomfortable relationship with dealing with women as equals, as is evidenced by the recent embarrassing dustup that the gaming community had when pro gamer Aris Bakhtanians stridently insisted that he should have the right to sexually harass women. There is a significant faction of atheist activists who recognize the gender gap and think that feminism is a critical issue to our cause; however, just as in the gaming community there is a distinct amount of pushback from people who think that it’s their right to be aggressively antisocial.

    The self-styled “Amazing Atheist” is one member of that faction, and I think it’s fair to say that he does not speak for the rest of us. He’s got a fair amount of popularity on YouTube, but his subscription numbers took a noticeable dip after he was called out for this behavior. I’d like to point out that his behavior was brought to light primarily by atheist bloggers, particularly by a dozen or so members of my blogging network, freethoughtblogs.com. At Freethought Blogs we have a lot of internal discussions, and it’s clear that everybody there takes feminist issues extremely seriously. We have a number of prominent women bloggers who are significant voices in the atheist movement, including Greta Christina, who recently published a bestselling book (“Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off The Godless”) and writes regular columns for AlterNet. FTB also hosts Jen McCreight, a board member of the Secular Student Alliance, as well as Maryam Namazie and Taslima Nasrin, both female activists coming from an ex-Muslim background. Meanwhile, on my group’s show, The Atheist Experience, two of our regular cohosts are women, and we also host a separate feminist podcast launched by the president’s wife, which she titled “Godless Bitches.”

    The incident you referred to with Richard Dawkins was troubling. Despite the fact that Dawkins has long been considered one of the leading lights in the movement, a lot of people in the movement were not shy about calling him out for trying to trivialize issues about sexism at conventions.

    Make no mistake, I’m not excusing some of the very real incidents that you refer to. I’d just like to say that this is an issue where atheists could do better and we are working on it. As Greta pointed out in this post:
    The gender breakdown at meetings like this year’s Reason Rally in Washington are starting to equalize. It’s a long haul, but there’s progress.

    • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

      Hey, thanks for reading / commenting.

      I don’t think I was giving the impression that I think I’m the only one talking about this stuff. Obviously there are lots of feminists involved with atheist activism, FtB being home to lots of them. The thing I wanted to point out is that if anything, gender inequality within secularism should go the other way. It would make more sense if there were more women than men given how misogynistic religious doctrines and followers can get. That the opposite is the case is a pretty strong indicator that there’s a long haul ahead of us, as Russel points out.

  • http://www.tokenskeptic.org Kylie Sturgess

    Hello, I was the MC of the Global Atheist Convention, recently held in Australia.

    In conjunction with other Freethought bloggers, I run the podcast The Token Skeptic – there’s several episodes on skepticism, atheism and feminism there:

    with more in the list of episodes (and even more to come over time).

    Many of the interviews I have conducted have been published in various formats, to help raise the profile of women contributing to the field, and their supporters.

  • Backwards feminism

    Nuns are radical feminist, they don’t wear bras or make up.

    Plus their cutting in on catholic health non profits profits by helping people for free. Brides of god or not, bishops and cardinals need to maintain their lifestyle and people are catching on to collection plate scams.

    Sisters do the work and live in the gh etto. Bishops read a book and judge people.

    Burn your bra n be like Gods bride. God like boobs to bounce.

  • admin

    Dear Backward feminism,
    One, there’s no god. Two, most nuns are muff-divers:

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