"Totally coup, yo."

1st rule of debate club: don’t bring notes to debate club




You’re not allowed to bring notes to a debate, but Mitt Romney does what Mitt Romney wants:

And that’s why he’d be an excellent president.

UPDATE: People are saying that it’s a handkerchief, but it looks pretty damn stiff to me, and there’s no definitive proof one way or the other.


UPDATE-UPDATE: The mystery object in question was, in fact, neither a handkerchief, nor a cheat-sheet; it was Obama’s Kenyan ghost father! We sincerely regret the error.

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  • Randy

    Romney is a doofus.
    An excellent president wouldn’t get caught.

  • clyde

    An excellent president would not get caught but these days they are past caring whether they do or not.

    Also, is an excellent president an oxymoron?

  • FDR

    it was a handkerchief apparently, pretty ridiculous that your not allowed to bring notes anyway

    • betabeastadmin

      That’s what people are saying, but seems pretty damn stiff to be a handkerchief to me, and there’s no definitive proof one way or the other. And, yeah, whether on paper or memorized…seems like lies shouldn’t be allowed, or at least result in a strong electric shock.

  • Beast_Fan

    Actually the first rule of debate club is do not talk about debate club. Way to go, Ian.

  • Mick

  • DC

    Well if you watched the end of the debate you would have seen him pick up his ( cheat sheet) and wipe his face with it .Looked like a hanky to me

  • nitrojj

    not so slick prick.

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