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Non Phixion 

The Green CD/DVD

Uncle Howie Records


Two years after The Future is Now, Non Phixion releases its second album The Green CD. Green isn’t really a follow-up; it’s more of a compilation with unreleased tracks and various freestyles. While a full-length album would have been more ideal, The Green CD still meets the hype. Almost half of the 26-track disc consists of new songs, most confirming that Non Phixion are just as raw as ever. "Skum" brings it back to basics, with a simple beat that allows Ill Bill, Gortex, and Sabac to let loose. Their lyrics still carry the same message: hate for a corrupt police system and government. "Criminal" is a two-minute rage concerning their disgust with police corruption, including involvement in drugs and murder. Like the Future is Now’s "Drug Music," "Don’t Get Beside Yourself," a collaboration with Hostyle, brings you hard-hitting beats and flows to get your head nodding. Don’t think Non Phixion are going completely Al Sharpton on you though. They still hand you a good share of rhymes about trees, crack, your girlfriend, female anatomy, and violence with the aid of family members like Necro.

The freestyles which made it to the disc are a good change too. While most freestyles from mix tapes floating around now are over beats from this year’s releases, Non Phixion go back to early ‘90s and work over some classics. Green isn’t flawless though; tracks like "The Full Monty" get repetitive, and with rhymes like "popping champagne corks like Puffy//Non Phixion--vampire slayers like Buffy," you might wonder what exactly they are talking about. Green also comes with a DVD, which features live footage from shows at New York City’s SOB’s and Hollywood’s Knitting Factory. The live footage is about the only exciting part of the DVD, as the rest features backstage and tour bus coverage from somebody’s handicam as well as interviews with Non Phixion. The DVD continues a tradition on a lot of hip-hop albums: tons of talk when you just want to hear a song. While some of the interviews are interesting, Ill Bill’s stories of Uncle Howie’s drug use could have been omitted.

Overall, Green is clearly a solid release and will meet fans’ expectations. There was probably tons of material to choose from to make this disc, but they chose wisely and as a result put together a hot album. Although the DVD isn’t anything great, you aren’t paying for it anyway, so just consider it a gift from your Uncle Howie.

The KETCHUP SAMURAI--------------------------------Record Reviews

Ghostface Killah

  Pretty Tony

Ok, forget the fact that Ghostface is on Def Jam, I mean I really don’t see Ghost doing a track with LL Cool J, but then again hell did seem to freeze over. This album is one of those projects that you, the hip hop cash cow, have been waiting in feverish anticipation for. People, let me just say that you won’t be sorry. I really enjoyed this album and not even another P. Diddy ‘Making the Band’ episode can spoil this release. By the way, is it me or is J-Lo tainted goods because P. Diddy hit it? Anyway, ‘Pretty Tony’ is 18 tracks of the Ghost we all know and love, and not a second goes by that you won’t find yourself rewinding those parts where Ghost says something incomprehensible which only true fans can pretend to understand. As far as guest appearances, you can hear Missy Elliott on the track ‘Tush,’ and Jadakiss on the

track ‘Run’ which happens to be quite the joint. This album doesn’t disappoint by way of comedy either. Skits like ‘Keisha’s House,’ ‘Late Night,’ and ‘Bathtub’ are sure to make my man DJ Lo Pro cover his mouth, laugh, and say “yea yea umm okay okay.” For those who know what I’m talking about, holla! Other tracks of interest include ‘Kunta Fly Shit’ (don’t ask), ‘Metal Lungies,’ ‘Ghostface,’ and ‘Be This Way.’ Ghost continues to prove he is an accomplished, and somewhat underrated artist. Take it from the Samurai, this is a good buy and thoroughly deserves the 4 tomatoes. If you liked ‘Supreme Clientele’ you love this album.

Mos Def & Minnesota

  Bronx Meets Brooklyn

If this is Mos Def’s idea of bridging the gap he’s spent way too much time on Def Comedy Jam with Russell Simmons wearing matching Phat Farm sweaters. Now I’ll admit there are some nice tracks but they all belong to Mos Def. Tracks like ‘It’s Brooklyn,’ ‘Beef,’ and ‘Summer Time’ are classic Mos and that made me happy. Then there’s the Bronx side done by the Boss Money Gangstas who have such tracks as ‘River Nigga,’ ‘Bronx Nigga,’ ‘Gun Play,’ ‘If U Thuggin’ and ‘I Just Wanna Cum.’ What the

fuck is going on? Why is one of my favorite lyricists doing this? Was the fine print on the bottom of the cash advance form ignored by Mos Def? It’s a mystery that I’ll just let go like how the hell does Hef gets to fuck all those Playboy models? I guess Viagra I.V.’s are only for the rich. People, you might wanna ask your buddy for a burn of this because I’m not sure you wanna spend your hard-earned money on this one. I guess the good thing is that the album is 18 tracks, but is that really a good thing? This rating is from the heart so I hope you can forgive me, but I suppose since this is my opinion alone, and since I’m not getting paid I could care less what you think. I just hope I don’t get jumped outside of Jim’s Steak Out for my turkey hoagie. 2.5 tomatoes.

Dilated Peoples

Neighborhood Watch

I’m upset. Dilated Peoples latest release is not that good. It’s moody, slow, and seems like it was put out just for the sake of releasing something. The album has 14 tracks. I only enjoyed 4 of them and the rest was as welcomed as a kiss on the cheek from a drunk Emcee Sick. Sorry Sick, I just had to tell someone... not that that happened or anything. But as far as this album goes I do feel a bit of honesty is in order. It’s an ok album but I am a little disappointed. I really like DJ Babu, and a

guest appearance by Kayne West was cool to hear, but please. Can I get someone to buy it off me at Frank’s? As far as my favorite tracks goes, I like ‘Love and War,’ ‘This Way,’ and ‘Neighborhood Watch.’ I’m a beat junkie so if you got a dope beat I’m all ears. Anyway, I really can’t go on about this album so let me just give it the 2.5 tomatoes it deserves and run off. I gotta watch the final episodes of ‘Friends.’ I’m gonna miss Ross and Joey. Is that bad?

  Lil Wyte

  Doubt Me Now

Are you shitting me? I realize that everybody gets 15 minutes of fame but this kid went about 15 minutes too long. Lil Wyte is the newest artist from Hypnotize Minds records out of Memphis. Now Hypnotize Minds is 3-6-Mafia’s new label, and since we’re in a equal opportunity word, they had to get themselves a white rapper who sounds black and talks gangsta. I’m sure he’s some white boy from the burbs who they discovered chilling in the hood calling everyone “my n***a” and not getting slapped for it. I had fun listening to this album because I knew it was a perfect review for The Beast. Apparently he’s considered one of the realest n***s...oops, wiggas, in Memphis (Remind me never to go there). Needless to say this album is beyond wack. I’d rather hear Condoleezza Rice explain what a dirty sanchez is to the 9-11 commission than listen to this again. I’m all for white rappers. There’s some really nice emcees out there who defy the color lines, like my man Keith Concept, Eminem, Eddie Haskill, and Bubba Sparxxx. But Lil Wyte? First of all, he tries to come off demented like Necro, sound gangsta like 50 Cent, and be porno-lyrical like Akinyele. Come on dude, forget rapping. We all know that in a year you’ll be asking what you got yourself into. But have no fear Lil Wyte, you can always go back to your original job. I’m almost positive Wal-Mart never turns away experienced greeters. Better brush up on your “Welcome to Wal-Mart n***a” skills. Damn, I’m being a total hater. I’m sorry to all the Lil Wyte fans, I’m sure there is a chance he’ll make it big. All he needs to do is send edited material to Wild 101 and they’ll play it every 10 minutes. Then again, I’m still waiting for them to play my latest single “Don’t Get Merked,” the DJ Universal remix featuring Emcee Sick of the fabulous Xtracts of Slang. Fuck it, I’ll send it to WBLK who appreciate mediocre music. Half a tomato.

DJ Cutler

  Lettuce Arise

Buffalo has it’s fair share of dope DJ’s like Lo Pro, Rich the Snitch, Universal, Ya Mom’s, Anubus, Noodles, Ashy Knuckles, Biz:e!, Dj Tommee, Charles Masters, Hassan, Kreme, and DJ ______ (if I missed your name please insert). There’s no doubt that you can find a DJ in Buffalo that can appeal to the Top-40 crowd, Techno, Mainstream, and hip hop masses. That’s the one thing about Buffalo I love. Bad economy, bad weather, good food, and a great music scene. But I’m not here to talk about Buffalo. I’m here to review a Mix CD that goes beyond the call of duty and will never leave your CD player. DJ Cutler’s ‘Lettuce Arise’ is 46 tracks of hip hop, jazz, soul, and local emcees you’ll have a hard time finding a favorite track. As for me I love track 11 called ‘Little Rootie Tootie,’ where DJ Cutler cuts along with the great Thelonious Monk Trio. Dope is an understatement. As I mentioned already, there’s local emcee’s who lend their flavor for this jewel like Tone @las, X-Now, No Comp., Nick Zero, Ajent O, and a little Cleveland flavor from Furious of Rime Royal. Sadly I wish myself, Emcee Sick, Reginoff, Noble Truth, D-Bugg, Grand Phee, Mental Torture, Concept, Eddie Reys, ECMC and Banx had a track to or two on it, but I won’t hold it against Cutler (not until the rating anyway). Now people, it is so important that we support our local artists. Let’s face it, we live in a city that is very black and white musically and if we support artists like Jay-Z, Ludacris, Lil Jon, and Kayne West, there’s no reason we can’t show love and support to cats from Xtracts of Slang, Raw Intel, 42, and Catastrophic Minds, to Sweatin’ Like Nixon, and Metronoize. I highly recommend DJ Cutler’s latest jewel and give it 4 tomatoes. By the way, it’s available at Record Theater and New World Records. Like Ajent O says at every show he does: “pick it up, pick it up.”





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ths wk. (lst wk.) artist. title. label.

1 1 dj js-1 & dub-l f/ jeru tha damaja won’t stop echelon

2 2 kenn starr f/ asheru, talib kweli if halftooth records

3 8 time machine night lights glow in the dark records

4 3 lions of the desert top of my dome commonwealth ent.

5 15 babbletron space tech banana clip embedded records

6 6 krumbsnatcha never grow up wolves ent-traffic

7 5 critically acclaimed ftg phonte road trip td harry music group

8 8 mayhemistics break it on down wide hive

9 10 lil? scrappy the headbussa warner bros. Records

10 11 tajai do it heiro imperium

11 12 the perceptionists medical aid def jux

12 14 main flow she likes me brick-traffic

13 9 fel sweetenberg lust soulspazm

14 19 dangermouse and jemini f. cee-lo and tha liks 26” lex

15 4 perverted monks backtodacrib groove attack

16 1 jaylib mcnasty filth stones throw

17 23 kreators i dont believe that k-period records

18 27 chief kamachi f/ guru the best good hands

19 21 aceyalone find out Decon

20 add sound providers the throwback abb

21 add the u.n. d.o.a. 456 records

22 18 murs & 9th wonder 3:16 definitive jux

23 add encore real talk hiero imperium

24 add oc the professional grit records

25 27 sektion 31 jooky toothless oldecycle records

26 13 ramsey wuts my name he-u records

27 add el-p and camu tao wmr def jux

28 17 dwele f/ kanye west hold on Virgin

29 add i.l. roam the earth organize records

30 24 word association been down right exact

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