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Artist: Method Man
Album: Tical 0: The Prequel

The "Tical 0: The Prequel" album is not what many fans of Method Man will be hailing as Meths big comeback. Clearly he put this album out just so his fans think Meth is still in the rap game. Trust me people, you'll want this album as much as another sick photo taken by asshole American soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison. The album is 17 tracks long and features such artists as Busta Rhymes, RZA, Redman, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott, Ghostface, Ludacris, and more. Despite the somewhat impressive guest appearances roster, the album it self lacks plenty of head nod appeal many Meth fans have come to enjoy. I didn't expect to hear a banger, but I also didn't expect to hear such boring and lackluster tracks either. I did, however, enjoy the track "Rodeo" which features Ludacris, who I feel is the Busta Rhymes of down south. What made this album sound more like a Method Man mix tape was that out of 17 tracks, 13 of them featured someone else. I'm sure Meth thought this would sell more units but that has yet to be determined. No doubt Method Man will be sweating out the results of how well "Tical 0" will be received. Luckily for him, he locked up a lifetime supply of Right Guard deodorant from his commercial deal with Redman. This album, in my opinion, gets 2.5 tomatoes. Lets just hope "Tical 1: The Sequel" is not in the works.

Artist: Brand Nubian
Single: What Ever Happened..

As a true old school lover of hip hop, it's always nice when your favorite artist or group drops a single that lets you know a nice album is on its way. Brand Nubian's latest single "What Ever Happened..," is just that. I personally dig this track. It's a nice way of letting me know Brand Nubian can still drop a jewel to shut up those critics who think they should just leave hip hop to the Chingys, or J-Kwons of the world. Just what we need, more uneducated hip hop. Anyway, the beat is very Mobb Deep like and seems to fit Brand Nubian. I found myself listening to this single over and over again and thank DJ Lo Pro for blessing me with a listen during the "Emcee Sick & DJ Lo Pro Show" I sat in on when Sick was Ill. Now don't get all excited and expect to see a 5 tomato rating. There is a B-side to every single. In this particular case, the B-side is entitled "Momma" which is a bit too sentimental for my taste. You'll definitely find yourself going back to the lead single track and ignore the B-side all together. Overall I'm happy with the single, but I'm sure it may have to grow on a few heads before they can appreciate it as much as I do. 3 tomatoes.

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: 500 Degreez

Now every one knows that when Lil Wayne decided he would drop another album I just had to listen to it and review it Ketchup style. What a piece of shit this album is. Are you fucking kidding me? Lil Wayne is one of the worst rappers of all time. The album "500 Degreez" is about as pleasant as watching Nick Berg get beheaded by radical Al Qaeda soldiers. God..21 tracks of pure bullshit with guest appearances by Big Tymers, Big Tigger, Mannie Fresh, Rob Nice, and Cristaleros Del Sur, is a clear indication that this album sucks major ass. Lil Wayne's inability to rap about subjects other than Bentleys, bitches, blunts, and booze severely limits his career possibilities. Then again BET, BLK and Wild are always looking for artists who discredit urban culture in the name of rap. Check out the names of some of the tracks on this bullshit excuse for an album. There's "Gangstas and Pimps," "Gangsta Shit," "Young'n Blues," "Get That Dough," "Fo Sheezy," and a track entitled "Fuck You." Wow Lil Wayne, you must of really sat down, smoked a blunt, and got your hair braided while thinking of intelligent track titles no one would ever use. Fucking moron. Fo sheezy stupid. And to think that Lil Wayne said since Jay-Z is now retired he's the greatest rapper in the game today? Lil Wayne, it's safe to say you will never earn that title and even self proclaiming yourself as the new GOAT is probably as believable as Donald Rumsfeld telling congress he wasn't aroused watching video of Iraqi prisoners being sexually abused. Suuure you weren't Donnie. Trust me people, if there was a choice between buying this Lil Wayne album and jerking off an enraged mongoose, it's safe to say I would have a broken wrist. Ouch! Well I'm sure you know where this review is going so I'll just rate it and pretend I never met that angry mongoose. Fuck you Lil Wayne, take your half a tomato and go away. Even that's too kind.


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