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Name: The Dream Team

Turn-ons: Slam Dunks, SUVs, Attention, European bitches

Turn-offs: 3-pointers, passing, rape trials, getting beat by scrawny foreigners

How We Got To Be THE BEAST PAGE 3 OVERPAID CHUMPS: It was bound to happen sooner or later. You can’t just win all the time, or you get lazy. Coach told us to get used to the internatinal rules, but we figured, you know, we’re the shit, these funny-talking faggots don’t stand a chance, right? Then we get our asses handed to us, 93-74, by the friggin’ Puerto Ricans. The Puerto Ricans! Well, at least it wasn’t Holland or some shit.

Future Plans: Go back home and nurse our wounds in our diamond-encrusted platinum Jacuzzis with seven hookers each and a nice fat blizzunt, you dig? It’s not like losing means shit anyway; we’re rolling in it! We’d also like to avoid having to hear the phrase “Nightmare Team” is possible, because that’s a really clumsy pun and it sounds clunky. How about “Ream Team” instead?

How We Would Like To Be Remembered: As the last US basketball team to come so close to beating the Puerto Ricans. As yet another dwindling icon of US global superiority. As some really tall, rich dudes, whose knees still work right.

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