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Allentown resident Jim Spezak “may not be telling the truth about what happened the other night,” according to girlfriend Stacy Jeffers. On the morning of August 28th Jeffers used her key to surprise Spezak with leftovers from brunch, but was shocked to see her boyfriend still asleep and “soaking in urine.” Naturally appalled, Jeffers chose to flee the scene, waking Spezak from a nearby payphone instead, “in order to avoid any embarrassment.” The conversation went smoothly, says Jeffers, “but there was something in his voice that seemed to say, ‘Jesus Christ, I can’t believe I pissed myself.’”

While Spezak could not be reached for comment, neighbors and friends have quoted him as saying  “I think my dog has a bad bladder or something; the other night he peed right on the bed.” Spezak has even gone so far as to suggest that it is time to put the dog down, according to building super Fred Willis. “I can’t say for sure what happened that night, but that dog don’t look sick to me,” said Willis.

Upon Jeffers' arrival, Spezak was reportedly “acting aloof” and had already changed the sheets and made the bed. According to her girlfriends, Jeffers was unsure of how to react to the situation. Spezak’s mother has come to the defense of her son. “My Jimmy doesn’t lie,” says Mrs. Spezak. “If he says the dog did it, then the dog did it.”

Jeffers has made no final decision but said “I want to believe him, but after we had coffee we took the dog out and it made number one for at least a minute. I just don’t know what to think. I was going to invite him to spend the night next week, but I’m not so sure about that now.”

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