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The Straight Dope with Dr. Rotten

Is it too late to make a clone from one of my outdoor plants that started to bud?

-Jay W, Seneca

You can still make a clone. Just take a clipping from the lower branches; they usually develop slower than the tops. Trim the buds but leave all the leaves on the stem. Take the stem and put it into a container with some with some cloning solution. When the roots appear, put it in dirt. You should set your lights for a 24-hour cycle; the plant will revert back to vegetation stage, then you can take clones from it.

Can I bring my outdoor plants indoors to finish growing? Last year the weather got cold before my plants finished growing and I had to pick them early.

Tom S, Youngstown

You can finish your plants off inside if you make sure to spray for bugs, so you donít infect your indoor plants. The plants should be on a 12-hour light cycle so they continue to bud. You can also try covering the plants at night to keep them warm. Next time you grow outdoors, do yourself a favor and find a strain that finishes off early in the season.

My plants have a lot of grey spots all over. If I rub the grey area, it is dusty to the touch. What gives?

Kim F, Lockport

You appear to have a fungus problem. Wipe as much as you can off with a rag soaked in a good fungicide (only the leaves, not the buds). You may be having this problem from too much water on your plants due to too much rain or moisture at night. If possible, trim all the infected leaves before it spreads to the buds, but you are basically screwed if it spreads this late in the game. I suggest you start shaking your plants gently every morning, and avoid getting water or fertilizer on the leaves or buds when feeding your plants. Next time grow Early Pearl, a strain that is very mold resistant. You can get the seeds at Sensi Seed bank, $150 for 10.

I have a shitload of moldy buds. Is there anything I can do with them?

Kevin A, Lancaster

There are two methods of salvaging your moldy stuff, for those who have bubble bags and those that do not (This can be done whether you have bubble bags or not, you can still apply the same methods).

1. Put your moldy product in a large clean pail or bowl.

2. I would suggest that you break the buds up instead of using them whole. This method is best used when your leaves and buds are wet.

3. With your wet product chopped and minced up in a bowl, add cold cold cold water... have the water chilling in the freezer to the point where it is starting to freeze. Also add lots and lots of ice to this mixture into the bowl. I've been told, "When you think you've got enough ice, add some more."

4. Now use a blender to mix the product, water, and ice combination. The idea is to freeze the trichomes and break them off so they are mixed in with the water, not to liquefy the leaves and buds!

Note: has step-by-step instructions on how to make bubble hash, and also explain the ice mixing in detail.

5. Once you are satisfied that the mixture has been mixed enough, you can scoop out the bulk waste and store it in another bowl for you to repeat this process later. Now you should be left with a bowl of murky greenish/tannish water and ice.

Wait a bit and you will see the heavier stuff (trichomes) start to settle to the bottom... this is GOOD! Looking at the top of the water, you will see some scum floating, and the whitish mold particles. Usually waiting 10 minutes is plenty, and at this point you will clearly see the good stuff has settled to the bottom, leaving the unappealing mold floating on the top of the water.

6. Take a spoon and scoop the mold floaters from the jar; that way you wont lose any of the heavy trich's that have settled to the bottom. Ok, now pour the liquid into an easily manageable container and let everything settle again. Scoop off any remaining mold floaters from the top of the water. Mix and repeat until you are certain all mold spores are gone.

At this point you can repeat this process with the bulk waste that you have left in another bowl. There are tons and tons of trichomes, so you will probably want to repeat this process two or three more times to get the most of out it.

†For those of you that have bubble bags, you can now place that liquid back into bubble bags and continue making bubble hash. If you do not have bubble bags, you can evaporate the trich liquid or make trichome-butter:

1. Add the trichome liquid into a pan containing melted butter. Let the mixture come to a boil and then let it slowly simmer and evaporate off the excess water, leaving you pure trichome-butter.

2. Pour the remaining contents into a manageable container and place into the freezer. Once frozen, any remaining water will turn to ice and should be on the top for the butter will fall to the bottom and freeze. This butter can be stored for a long time in this fashion.

Prior to use, remove the frozen block from your container, separate the water and dispose. Use the butter as you would normally when cooking, baking, or simply buttering toast!

Hunting season is coming up. What can I do about my plants?

Jim K. Southern Tier

Right now, all outdoor growers are noticing the plants around them are changing colors, but most of their plants are still bright green. You have to watch out for Rippers (pot thieves), who will be coming out of the woodwork around this time trying to find your shit. These lowlifes should grow their own, but would rather steal yours. To hide your plants, you can use a camouflage mesh covering, which will still let sunshine in but still makes your plants hard to see. You can also try bending your plants down so they are harder to find. Donít use the same path every time you check on your plants. Rippers will climb trees to see where the crops are, so try making it impossible to climb trees around your crop.

Drying Your Harvest

All plants do not ripen at the same rate. The same goes for different parts of the plant. The main tops are usually ripe 1 to 2 weeks earlier. When drying your plants you need a room with air movement and the temp around 80 degrees with little or no moisture. The easiest way of doing this is to use a couple of fans and a dehumidifier. If the room is too cold throw in a small heater set on low.

After your room is set, cut your plants down. If you only have a few, you might want to cut and dry the buds individually as they ripen. Rule of thumb is if 90% of the plant is ripe, cut the whole plant down, then trim off all the leaves.

Now run some twine across the top of the room and hang the plants upside down. Do not overlap them or they will not dry right.

Try a taste test: If your buds appear dry on the outside but still moist on the inside then you still need a few days; if you can roll a joint and it stays lit your shit be ready. If the buds are still moist when you bag them up, they will either taste like ass or get moldly.

Once your buds are dry you can store them in a canning jar, plastic ziplock baggies, or plastic Tupperware. The advantage to the ziplock method is that you can put it the freezer and keep it for years.

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Strain of the issue:


This plant has a high yield and lots of resin due to the fact that the plant mostly has indica genetics. In 1994, it placed 3rd at the Cannabis Cup. Itís a 60-70 day plant. Seeds are available at Serious Seeds, 10 for $200. Chronic is both an indoor and an outdoor plant, and it does well in a Sea of Green method.

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