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Pseudo Slang


I love Buffalo, and have very few complaints. Let's see…I hate the snow, taxes, high gas prices, lack of jobs, racist bar owners (3rd Room), lack of good music venues, no sports championship teams (except the Bisons), and the enormous amount of fat girls posing as grenades. Other than that, Buffalo isn't a bad place to live. What Buffalo does have is plenty of musical talent, which seems to go unnoticed in a city starving for positive recognition. Let's face it people, there's good music and then there's bad music. Thankfully, Buffalo has it's fair share of dope hip hop DJs like Lo Pro, Rich Da Snitch, Anubus, Corona Graphx, Ya Mom's, Daringer, the "Dude" Silly, Noodles, Biz:E!, and more. But where Buffalo really shines on the hip hop scene is its star studded roster of emcees like Ajent O, 3rd Son, Keith Concept, 42, X-Now, Jugglar Starr, Reginoff, Banx, Jon Doe, Pseudo, Xtracts of Slang, Rhyson, Catastrophic Minds, Raw Intel, Noble Truth, Prosper, Grand Phee, Buffalo Soldiers, Dbugg, and more. Cats that will step up to the mic and drop some heavy lyrics that beg the question "why the fuck aren't these on the radio?"

But let me get back to the task at hand, because I'm here to review a long awaited album by Pseudo Slang. In case you've been living under a rock, Pseudo Slang is the collaboration between Pseudo Intellectuals and Xtracts of Slang. Needless to say I was looking forward to this project by 2 groups who I have a lot of respect for on the local hip hop scene. Emcee Sick, the father of Baby Steps Hip Hop Inc., and of the fabulous Xtracts of Slang, teaming up with Tone @tlas, and Nick Zero? Come on, man, that's a nice one-two combination. Together they drop Catalogue, which is 15 tracks of beautiful, jazzy, heavy true school beats and rhymes certain to keep the vibe going in your disk player of choice. There are plenty of tracks I could recommend, but I find it easier to say listen to the whole thing. As for me, my favorite tracks are "Pslang," "Underestimated," "Mike Cutler's Punch Out" and "Sunchasers." I can't wait to see Pseudo Slang perform their debut album this Friday, October 1st at the SoundLab (110 Pearl St.) with performances by DeepThinka Records very own 3rd Son, and The MilkFat Collective. I'm a little pissed I wasn't chosen to host, but I'll see Sick on the streets. Anyway, pick up this disk and enjoy some really good hip hop. 4 out of 5 tomatoes!

Siege (of Edotkom)

Heart of the Game b/w Cyanide

After Edotkom's 2001 DTR debut, Obsidian, hit the city of Cleveland, Ohio by storm, Siege comes back to drop a single for his upcoming solo project which debuts October 19th, entitled Alphamale. Now as one of the very few who have access to this upcoming project, let me be the first to tell you I am looking forward to writing a review for Alphamale. But for now let me tell you about the latest single, "Heart of the Game," which debuted on the now infamous "Rebel Radio." The single is, in a word, fire. Siege breaks down hip hop, and the impact it has had, not only in his life but in the lives he touches everyday. Precise and truthful, you can't ignore what Siege is schooling people on, nor the fact that he is an accomplished emcee for whom big things are on the horizon. On the B-side track, "Cyanide," Siege flexes a little muscle, as he drops heavy lyrics on a dope, energetic, head nod beat, sure to have you pumping your fist and hitting the repeat button. I pity any DJ who looks past this 12" single sure to get any party started. Pick it up and be on the lookout for the Alphamale review coming soon. Cleveland, Ohio, is definitely representing. 4 out of 5 tomatoes!


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