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The Peda-Files

Allow me to introduce Todd Shulz, who currently stands accused of sexually abusing and sodomizing a seven-year-old girl, his former stepchild. It was only a matter of time before I got around to sharing my thoughts and observations concerning this creep.

During the previous nine months I have had several lengthy conversations with this whacko. Some of these took place before I was aware of the nature of his charges, and later conversations were about his legal dilemmas concerning a not-very-surprising divorce action.

From the beginning, I knew this guy was not right, based on his over-friendly smile and the way he looks at me. The guy is always smiling. His gregarious attitude and icy stare makes me feel like a biology specimen. This sicko's nauseously artificial kindness is clearly his lure, a way to gain the trust of his victims. Ugh! Behind the ever-present smile and those cold blue eyes lurks an evil fiend who thinks second-graders are hot.

This twisted freak initially told everyone around here that he's been charged with 2nd Degree Assault for "putting a guy in the hospital." He even succeeded in tricking his keepers with this story, enabling his placement in the trustee program without the usual background checks. He was a trustee for several months-until the Buffalo Snooze ran a story about his perverted pastime and he was booted from the program.

Now I see this bastard two or three times a week here in the library, where he meets with other bible-thumpers who accept his "sinner" status. I can't help wondering where his bible was when he was luring and assaulting his victim. Did he clutch it afterward in fervent repentance? Did he turn his scary smile skyward and beg forgiveness? Did he run to the nearest confessional or call on his local holy man for counsel? Yeah, sure.

Having spent time in a dozen New York State prisons I have been exposed to these predatory fiends on a grand scale. They often "convert," call themselves "saved," and assume the role of good old boy Christians, espousing brotherly love. Phonier than Joel Giambra, if that's possible.

But the most disgusting aspect to this wholly disgusting story is this: Shulz pled guilty to these charges and agreed to a seven-year sentence, but then backed out of the deal, entering a "not guilty" plea. He reasoned that seven years was too harsh a punishment for his crime. Too harsh? It should be noted that this animal was found guilty of molestation in Erie County Family Court, and the victim had the courage to continue prosecution in Erie County Supreme Court for a criminal action.

This brave little girl had the guts to tell the truth about what happened to her, when the majority of victims don't, crippled by fear, shame, or a complete distrust of adults. Hats off as well to her mom for believing and supporting her child, rather than choosing a path of morbid denial as many horrid mothers do.

If this victim lives out her full life expectancy, she will get to relive and struggle with her trauma for another 70 years or so. I'd say one year in prison for every ten years of her suffering is a pretty light sentence for this scumbag.

Recently I read an article about a study regarding the activities of child molesters. The author states that the "average molester will molest about 40 times before being caught and made to answer for his crimes." Whether "40 times" means 40 victims or 40 assaults on one victim, it doesn't say (and I don't want to know).

When I look at Todd Shulz I see a monster, always smiling warmly and willing to offer a kind word. I also envision justice as it should be; not as it is, with a DA who would trade real justice for a quick plea to a lesser felony and a pathetic reduced sentence as a matter of convenience.

Smiling, bible-thumping Todd Shulz will be free in seven years or less. He will have attended counseling, classes, bible study, AA, NA, etc. He will smile his smile, project his friendly facade, and write to his family about his changed ways and his newfound salvation. He will claim it was his first and only such crime, and that he is "normal" now. Free at last!

And he will have 39 more chances before he gets busted again.

From the very bottom….

2004 The Beast