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Top Ten Hacks of 2004 Election - Matt Taibbi

MEMRI Problems: Was Kerry's Election Bid Lost in Translation?- Chris Riordan

Pick of the Litter: Bottom-Feeding all the Way to the Top

Redwoods Evil, Must Be Destroyed: Bush Wants Some Wood- Kit Smith

Too Cool for School: City Honors Censorship - Al Uthman

Tortures - R - Us - Christopher Lord


New Hotel on Baltic Ave: Boon or Burden? - Ian Murphy

10 Tips For Coping with your Dysfunctional Family this Thanksgiving

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Buffalo in Briefs


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Separated at Birth?

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The Straight Dope w/ Dr Rotten


Movie Reviews:

Kino Korner

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Matchbook Romance/Midtown Show - Chris Meister

Goo Goo Dolls DVD - Seamus Gallivan

Elliot Smith CD- Michael Gildea

Odd Couple CD - Ketchup Samurai



Wide Right: Bills could Make Playoffs--in the NFC - Ronnie Roscoe


Beast Comix - Ian Murphy

I Witless News - I. Gonzalez

Deep Fried - Jason Yungbluth

Bob the Angry Flower - Stephen Notley

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O Buffalo: Why Move When we can Secede? - Al Uthman

Love or Four Hour Erections: The Choice is Clear - Matt Taibbi

The Falsification and Death Administration: FDA Approval may be Hazardous to your Health - Kit Smith

Meaning of Tripe: Countdown to the Beast's Ten Worst Presidential Election Campaign Hacks of 2004- Matt Taibbi

10 Ultra-Cynical Ways to Beat the Republicans

The Big Rig: This Election was Worse than 2000 - William Rivers Pitt

The Smoldering Fuel Rods of Environmental Justice - Chris Meister


The BEAST Interview With God

Who Voted Bush? - A BEAST Quiz

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Buffalo in Briefs


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Separated at Birth?

[sic] - Letters

The Straight Dope w/ Dr Rotten



Kino Korner


Wide Right: O Captain my Captain - Ronnie Roscoe

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Voting Guide of FEAR

Top 10 Reasons to be TERRIFIED This Halloween - Al Uthman

Onward Christian Assholes: Some Folks Just Can't Wait for the Apocalypse - Matt Taibbi

A Talk With Sam Hoyt - Eric Gauchat

Give 'em Enough Pink Ribbon to Hang Themselves: Breast Cancer? Chemical Firm Supplies Cause & Cure - Kit Smith


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The BEAST Scary Election Fun Page!

Over 60 Million Killed in Huge Fucking Flu Epidemic - Josh Righter


Buffalo in Briefs


The Straight Dope w/ Dr Rotten

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Separated at Birth?

[sic] - Letters



Kino Korner


Album Reviews: Interpol, Mos Def


Wide Right: Going Double-Negative - Ronnie Roscoe

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Kino Korner: Movie Reviews by Michael Gildea

National Treasure

There’s an old term from the Golden Age of Hollywood that describes an actor’s ability to turn any project into a box office bomb. That term is “box office poison.” Many actors and actresses went through it. Some even worked crappy jobs during their rut.

But there’s one man who, probably through witchcraft of the black arts, has managed to invert the meaning of box office poison. Instead of talented people turning projects into crap, this man has turned crap into gold. And who is this man?

Jerry Bruckheimer.

He’s had his name on many a celluloid turd that has made sickening amounts of money. Pirates of the Caribbean, Bad Boys parts 1 and 2, Pearl Harbor, anything directed by Michael Bay. Big budget stuff that sells popcorn and that leads you to believe that we are indeed living in a cultural and perhaps moral wasteland.

If you’ve read The Da Vinci Code, you shouldn’t admit to it. But if you have, what you’re in store for with National Treasure is a cross between that and Monty Python and the Holy Grail with a serious delivery. Silly dialogue, a series of cliffhangers, and ridiculous explanations/clues have arrived in bulk.

If I had psychic abilities, I’d say that the viewing of this movie is going to be involved in a “Fear Factor” contest someday.

The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie

I’ve tried watching “SpongeBob Squarepants” on a few different occasions and the novelty of the show has always mystified me. “Ren and Stimpy” got me through the twilight of my high school years. That was fun in a knock on ‘50s culture in a subtle way. That and if you watched it in a delirious, sleep-deprived state, you’d implode from laughter.

But I just don’t get SpongeBob. Maybe I was watching the lesser episodes. Maybe the lead in my balls was weighing me down. But then I realized the trick to making anything funny. This technique got me through some messy breakups and getting over my gambling addiction. It’s also helped me figure out the meaning of life.

Don’t sleep. Just deprive yourself of sleep long enough and it all falls into place. All answers will be revealed.

By the time I saw SpongeBob, I hadn’t slept for three days. Delirium coursed through my veins, like my disdain for Jerry Bruckheimer.   

And I didn’t mind SpongeBob as much. Chances are, if you like the TV show, you’ll love the movie. But if not, you’ll probably feel like you’re under the influence.

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is one of seemingly a thousand biopics out this season. This one is about J.M. Barrie, the man who wrote Peter Pan and the inspiration and events leading up to the writing of that play.

The average person’s going to watch this and find Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Barrie kind of disturbing: A man hanging out with Kate Winslet and her four sons with no romantic interest in the woman at all.

No matter how you feel about Depp’s pretty-boy status, you’ve got to respect him as an actor. The way he plays this brilliant space cadet who refuses to grow up just seems so effortless, and it’s really great to take in a performance like that. You sort of get pissed off when you think of the possibility that Depp may not get and Oscar for it.

Finding Neverland is a great movie. It’s almost dreamlike, consistent with the tone of the story that Barrie spawned. When you walk out of the theater, you’ll almost be upset that you have to or had to grow up. I always am, but even more so after watching Finding Neverland.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

I’m going to admit something to you people. What I’m about to admit to you is something that not very many people know, and those who do are under the impression that they are holding something over my head. The fact of the matter is that I have enough to blackmail them for eight lifetimes and can have the FBI at their respective homes within twenty minutes on suspicion of murder.

So I’m pretty safe. And to those I just mentioned—up yours.

So why am I about to give up my ace in the hole? Call it lack of shame, call it an unwanted burden, call it what you want. But I actually liked Bridget Jones’ Diary.

It was a fun movie. It had silliness. It was mindless fluff that showed other people in worse situations than I’ve ever been in. It made me not mind Renee Zellweger so much. It had bad weather, terrible food, and inhibited any desire I had/have to visit England for that much longer. It was a feel-good movie that made me feel good (or at least better) at the expense of others. To me, that’s what entertainment is all about.

Then they have to make another one. And they do this by making Zellweger gain even more weight and rehash the first Bridget Jones movie in the least interesting ways possible. A series of mindless episodes that could have been told in any order. It’s like the English remade the “Mary Tyler Moore” series, but less interesting.

I know that most if not all women feel that there’s a little Bridget Jones in each and every one of them. And it’s this belief that will pull them into the theater and probably fuel the production of a third and even more unfortunate Bridget Jones movie. But as for us guys, it makes us love (or at least not mind) the rakish prick that is Hugh Grant’s character that much more.

I know the question still stands, “was Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason worth seeing?” If you can’t really afford the lobotomy right now, yes. This will tide you over. If you’re running low on hatred, yes. But if you’re looking for eight dollars worth of laughs, no.

After the Sunset

I read somewhere that Pierce Brosnan is hanging up his tux and the James Bond role because he doesn’t want to get pigeon-holed or type-cast. Well, that’s all well and good, but he’s giving up Bond to do heist movies. You know, so he doesn’t get type-cast.

This brings us to After the Sunset. Chock-full of logic-defying action, shady characters and Salma Hayek’s ample and delightful bosom. It’s another in a series of well-made yet crappy heist movies that make you thankful that your wristwatch has a light, but ungrateful that you can’t spot a terrible movie a mile away.

It’s got a good cast. Woody Harrelson and Don Cheadle round it out, but for the most part, After the Sunset is pretty square. You’ll want to drop two hits of ecstasy before you hit the theater. Take enough of that shit and every trip to the movies will be a winner. Just don’t puke and drink plenty of fluid.

I know that everyone’s going to seem exceptionally beautiful, but try to refrain from telling them that. They’ll think you’re some kind of weirdo. Now that I think about it, you’re better off ditching the movie and going home. Listen to some Electric Light Orchestra. God knows that you’re not going to like it under any other set of circumstances.

The Polar Express

It’s amazing how pissed some parents will get if they see you drinking Remy Martin in a theater during a kids’ movie. Throw the three PCP-laced joints you smoked in the parking lot while disdainfully watching sports bar patrons with a hooker who promised you an express elevator to hell-of-a-night ahead into the equation, and you’ve got a recipe for ugliness, my friends.

And does it taste good…!

In my defense, I’m going to start by saying that I didn’t know it was a kids’ movie. It was dark, ugly, and without the cheer that other holiday films display with a saccharine touch. The previews certainly didn’t leave me with that impression. It looked like a documentary. A metaphor that would detail, in a line-by-line fashion, everything that was wrong with Christmas, the most famous of all pagan holidays. It seemed like an open letter to Mel Gibson. A painful reminder and stern response to The Passion of the Christ.

Five ugly caricatures of Tom Hanks! A revolving door of gawking, staring, condescension. A portrait of a man who only works one night a year. It was maddening!

Between the stewing rage, the booze, the drugs medication taking hold, and the nagging call girl buzzing in my ear, I discovered a newfound ability to rip out a row of seats after just one try. Rippling biceps, the ability to subdue security with harsh language, and the ability to recite De La Soul is Dead verbatim while simultaneously mimicking Mayor Quimby from “The Simpsons.” I was unstoppable! Unstoppable, I tell you! 

The next thing I knew, I woke up in El Segundo with my wallet missing. I don’t know if it was the hooker’s doing, but someone had the fruit punch. My friend Carl picked me up a few days later and we lived off of the ketchup and mustard packets from the floor of his car on the way home.

If I had the whole thing to do over again, I would’ve skipped the hooker (whom I was too tripped out to touch) and spent a little more time in El Segundo. And I would’ve seen it in IMAX3-D (which is actually an open option). This would’ve been a whole different trip in 3-D glasses.

Seed of Chucky

There’s an old joke: What’s the difference between a Harley and a vacuum cleaner?

Where you put the dirt bag.

And I always liked this joke not because I thought it was funny, but because I thought it was true. But oh how my prejudices and misconceptions were dispelled when I saw Seed of Chucky.

Up until I saw this movie, my most memorable and favorite movie going encounter was when I saw Showgirls at the now closed Como theater for $1.50. That experience involved hicks with smuggled booze and their ultimate discharge from the venue, masturbating Eastside exhibitionist thugs, and angry-as-fuck-lesbians. Seed of Chucky involved about twenty bikers, barbecue, three kegs of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and tossing a pigskin around.

And I thought morticians knew how to party! The ringleader was Bear, a portly, but jolly hog-rider whose life was changed back in the ‘70s when he read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in the hospital after a bad wipeout on his bike.

On that Saturday morning, the gang invited me in as if I were one of their own. Bear knew the theater manager, so our unregulated and highly illegal activities went unquestioned, even by the fire detector.

When you watch what promises to be a bad movie in good company, sometimes those promises get broken. Seed of Chucky was pretty funny. One part of it had Jennifer Tilly in a movie-within-the-movie about Chucky. She’s trying to play The Virgin Mary in a flick Method Man is making, but it doesn’t work out, so Chucky wants to impregnate her. She’s got plenty of great lines. John Waters shows up; there’s the child of Chucky who’s named Glen or Glenda (an homage to Ed Wood), and full frontal doll nudity. Not to mention Chucky masturbating.

I know it’s not exactly Bridge on the River Kwai, but it has the good sense to make fun of itself and the term “it’s so bad it’s good” definitely applies here.

And special thanks to Bear and company. If you guys are in town for Christmas, I’m definitely up for meeting up to see The Aviator. You bring the deep fryer; I’ll bring the turkey…


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The Top 10 Hacks of the 2004 Election

Matt Taibbi

10 - GEORGE WILL, NEWSWEEK: Will uses big words and pompous literary references to dress up what are basically the brutish and vulgar thinking patterns of a non-union meat-packing plant owner. He is a pig in a lace hat.

MEMRI Problems

Chris Riordan

Stranded from intellect and worthwhile rhetoric in Utica, NY for the last few months, I have made a habit of visiting political discussion boards online for a dose of informed bantering and arguing. I tend to gravitate towards conservative cyber communities because I generally prefer arguing to agreeing.

Pick of the Litter

Pat Ragpicker

It's 4am on a winter night, and I'm parked on a dead end street near Kaisertown. It’s a secluded corner of the city I found by driving around aimlessly. I'm new to town, and penniless after buying my van with $700 I squirreled away the last time I got a paycheck. That was 7 months ago. Over those months, I managed to live off a few hundred bucks while sleeping in a warehouse closet and helping some friends make a TV show to try selling to a network.

Redwoods Evil, Must be Destroyed

Kit Smith

Nature is a bad and inconvenient thing. It must be stopped. That's why so many of us environmental scientists voted for Bush. He recognizes that endangered species are tasty, that Yellowstone is the most awesome place for snowmobiling in the whole world, and that those horrible California Redwoods are home to Satan himself.

Too Cool for School

Al Uthman

In the decomposing cesspool of Buffalo's public schools, City Honors has long been regarded as something of a gem. In fact, it is widely regarded as the best school the city has to offer, with the brightest kids around.


Christopher Lord

Iraqis wondering what the next phase of the Republicans' invasion of their country will bring should consider El Aguacate airstrip in Honduras. In 2001, 185 bodies were dug up there: the victims were the 'terrorists' and 'enemies of democracy' of the day.

Buffalo in Briefs

Code Red - Everybody’s freaking out about Giambra’s proposed “red budget,” which would scale spending down to mandated minimums, and basically reduce Buffalo to some anarchic Escape From New York-style war zone within a year or two. People are understandably up in arms about the possible loss of branch libraries, the philharmonic and all arts funding (although we wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to that monumentally depressing animal Abu Ghraib we call a zoo), as well as a staggering reduction in nearly every other service, except high-level patronage jobs, of course.

[sic] - Letters

...The latter part of this summer and early fall espessially, I have noticed that your special brand of witty, in-your-face journalism has rubbed off on some other publications (ARE THEY SCARED? or ENVIOUS?) ARTvoice had a couple of weeks ago a cover wich depicted a puppetmaster type "pulling the strings"...Almost thought it was the new BEAST for a moment. ALTpress put out a cover story in their last issue about the finer points of rioting, WHAT!! are they just that desperate that they will use an old idea you guys used months ago? how boringly un-origional. And then finally this newest issue of ARTvoice with giambra depicted in an alice in wonderland spoof cover.....once again, thought it could be the new issue of the BEAST...

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