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Top Ten Hacks of 2004 Election - Matt Taibbi

MEMRI Problems: Was Kerry's Election Bid Lost in Translation?- Chris Riordan

Pick of the Litter: Bottom-Feeding all the Way to the Top

Redwoods Evil, Must Be Destroyed: Bush Wants Some Wood- Kit Smith

Too Cool for School: City Honors Censorship - Al Uthman

Tortures - R - Us - Christopher Lord


New Hotel on Baltic Ave: Boon or Burden? - Ian Murphy

10 Tips For Coping with your Dysfunctional Family this Thanksgiving

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Buffalo in Briefs


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Separated at Birth?

[sic] - Letters

The Straight Dope w/ Dr Rotten


Movie Reviews:

Kino Korner

Music Reviews :

Matchbook Romance/Midtown Show - Chris Meister

Goo Goo Dolls DVD - Seamus Gallivan

Elliot Smith CD- Michael Gildea

Odd Couple CD - Ketchup Samurai



Wide Right: Bills could Make Playoffs--in the NFC - Ronnie Roscoe


Beast Comix - Ian Murphy

I Witless News - I. Gonzalez

Deep Fried - Jason Yungbluth

Bob the Angry Flower - Stephen Notley

Issue #62


O Buffalo: Why Move When we can Secede? - Al Uthman

Love or Four Hour Erections: The Choice is Clear - Matt Taibbi

The Falsification and Death Administration: FDA Approval may be Hazardous to your Health - Kit Smith

Meaning of Tripe: Countdown to the Beast's Ten Worst Presidential Election Campaign Hacks of 2004- Matt Taibbi

10 Ultra-Cynical Ways to Beat the Republicans

The Big Rig: This Election was Worse than 2000 - William Rivers Pitt

The Smoldering Fuel Rods of Environmental Justice - Chris Meister


The BEAST Interview With God

Who Voted Bush? - A BEAST Quiz

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Buffalo in Briefs


Page 3

Separated at Birth?

[sic] - Letters

The Straight Dope w/ Dr Rotten



Kino Korner


Wide Right: O Captain my Captain - Ronnie Roscoe

Issue #61


Voting Guide of FEAR

Top 10 Reasons to be TERRIFIED This Halloween - Al Uthman

Onward Christian Assholes: Some Folks Just Can't Wait for the Apocalypse - Matt Taibbi

A Talk With Sam Hoyt - Eric Gauchat

Give 'em Enough Pink Ribbon to Hang Themselves: Breast Cancer? Chemical Firm Supplies Cause & Cure - Kit Smith


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The BEAST Scary Election Fun Page!

Over 60 Million Killed in Huge Fucking Flu Epidemic - Josh Righter


Buffalo in Briefs


The Straight Dope w/ Dr Rotten

Page 3

Separated at Birth?

[sic] - Letters



Kino Korner


Album Reviews: Interpol, Mos Def


Wide Right: Going Double-Negative - Ronnie Roscoe

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Dear Matt,

I just want to say that your article “Play Time is Over[issue #58] was excellent and far too true for comfort. Especially with the unfortunate election results (not that it matters in the long run) I feel the need to be involved to promote positive change. I wonder if you might suggest any organizations that have their act together enough to warrant joining.


Terry O’Brien

Dear Teri,

We hear the Michigan Militia is looking for new members.


I believe you went too far in your personal insults regarding Mary Lou Rath ["Voting Guide of Fear," issue #61]. I do not personally know her, or even live in her district, but the comment about her husband dying and us being better off  for it was one of the worst things you could say to somebody. I would be DEVASTATED if my wife died, she is my soul mate. If you said that about me in a public forum I would want to tear off your head and beat it with a baseball bat in front of your mother, so she could see what the "beautiful" baby boy she created turned out to be. I feel real sorry for you that your "paper" has to resort to such personal vulgar attacks on people in order to gain a following. If you can't get your point and/or opinion across without resorting to such an infantile approach then you do look like assholes yourselves. Who even takes your views seriously, obviously not anyone who votes or is legally allowed to vote. If you want to discuss your political views with me in a mature manner, I would be willing to listen to them. If you want to have your writings viewed as just comedy or entertainment then so be it, that is your right here in America.


Jon - Elm, NY

PS I am considering contacting your sponsors and advertisers regarding my possible refusal to patronize their establishments because of their support of your hate filled writings. I AM one of those suburbians that does work in the city, go to entertainment in the city, and spend lots of money in the clubs and restraunts in the city.


Old Abe Lincoln was right when he said “Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” Reading your words is like looking into the toilet bowl after a thunderous bowel movement fueled by two El Nino burritos and a twelve pack of Genny Cream Ale. Do you honestly think we give a shit about offending the sensibilities of a man who considers beating someone’s severed head with a baseball bat in front of their mother an acceptable form of social discourse?

Guys like you are all for the freedom of expression until you realize that you actually have to tolerate the freedom of others. Then you start beating your chests and posturing in order to ensure that things stay just the way you like them. Well fuck you Jon, fuck you in the ass with a giant strap-on dildo worn by the reanimated corpse of Mary Lou Rath’s husband, brought forth by dark magic. No wonder your wife bangs all those UPS guys when you’re at work. Go ahead, be an asshole and threaten our advertisers with the loss of your patronage knowing full well it’s an empty threat, and that BEAST advertisers have heard it all before. You won’t stop patronizing because you know the food is good, the music is good and the shows are good. So be an asshole Jon, it’s your right. Revel in it Jon, revel in it.


You know......

      Ever since you guys busted out on the scene....I've been there, Maybe not reading every word you guys print, but at least getting a good feel for what (as a paper) you were trying to do, and I love every last scrap, You guys out-do yourself on a weekly basis (easy enough with the state of affairs) W.N.Y's own private MAD magazine, now I am reading everything!!

       But I cannot help to notice how tides shift, Starting off as the underdogs, The BEAST has become a staple in everyones routine, for christ's sake you guys are in those red boxes on every other corner. The latter part of this summer and early fall espessially, I have noticed that your special brand of witty, in-your-face journalism has rubbed off on some other publications (ARE THEY SCARED? or ENVIOUS?) ARTvoice had a couple of weeks ago a cover wich depicted a puppetmaster type "pulling the strings"...Almost thought it was the new BEAST for a moment. ALTpress put out a cover story in their last issue about the finer points of rioting, WHAT!! are they just that desperate that they will use an old idea you guys used months ago? how boringly un-origional. And then finally this newest issue of ARTvoice with giambra depicted in an alice in wonderland spoof cover.....once again, thought it could be the new issue of the BEAST....was not??

        So what does this all mean? could it be that a teeny tiny bit at a time, logic, reasoning, and truth is seeping out of the pages of the BEAST, into the collective consious of the locals in one form or another? Probably not, but The BEAST is making an impact whether YOU like it or not. next week: THE BEAST, The new ARTvoice.

Three cheers for copycats,


Dear GUTS,

Why innovate when you can replicate? They might be able to mimic the form but as everyone knows they just don’t have the follow through. Their egos have taken the helm and they now thrive on the glow of their own vanity. Gone is the ability to watch CNN, Columbo and Master and Commander On the Far Side of The World simultaneously with full comprehension while waiting for the pizza guy to show. We are people that choose going back to sleep with full knowledge we will be getting a parking ticket by doing so. We are the Old Gods come back. Thanks for looking out and saying something, GUTS, but try not to let it get to you. They might be able to get you into bed but the joy ends once you lift the covers. You Keep on reading and we’ll keep on writing…Fart jokes, lots of fart jokes.


I'm emailing you first to say we read the beast all the time.. 

But, I kinda feel the article you wrote about Ulner Lee Still ["Buffalo in Briefs, issue 62],  is outragous. First the fact of the matter is that most women dont realize what abuse is til it's to late.  Second , I being a victom of all kinds of abuse find it  very insulting for you people to find it FUCKIN FUNNY..

I was raised in that matter so didnt even know it was wrong til I was almost killed..  So  as far  as it goes most women that are abused were either raised in that type of setting and think that its wrong,  or are lacking something in themselves  that makes them think they can't have it any better..

You say you don't understand why women go through it ,and either stay with their abuser or  get with them in the first place..

Have you people ever heard the statement


Well it's true.  Most of your abusers are what you would call "closet cases"..  Or in other words  they act  very different around people, Then they do once that door closes,  your in HELL AGAIN  .An abusers  paradise....      So I guess what I'm saying  is DON'T JUDGE OR LAUGH  AT US WHO HAVE BEEN THERE  OR ARE STILL IN THAT HELL  ITS NOT FUCKING FUNNY


Dear Vicky,

Shut up or you’re going to get smacked.


Recipes from the MedicAid kitchen…

A Quality of Life Reduction

Step One Ingredients:

       $170,317,482 million to MedicAid

Step Two Ingredients:

        3,000 county employees or 30% of work force

        The Buffalo Zoo

         The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

         The Erie County Public Libraries

          Public Services

         Senior Services

         School nurses


§        Pour ingredient in Step One into black cauldron.

§        Let bubble until unstoppably boiling over.

§        Mix ingredients in Step Two in enormous mixing bowl.

§        Throw Out

Recipe makes enough to serve all the residents (too young, too old, or too poor to leave) who are still left in Erie County by the time it’s done cooking. 

That’s it!  Cooking is easy when you do it the MedicAid way!

- Caroline

Dear Caroline,

Sounds delicious, but we’re not hungry; we’re still sick off those budget proposals Giambra just crammed down our throats.


Mr, Uthman,

What an incredible article =) [“O Buffalo,” issue #62]  I followed a link to your web posting and just wanted to let you know that it's been one of the most enjoyable articles I've read post-election.  Funny, witty and exceptionally poingnat... including your closing commentary of :

"So that's it. Bummer. No secular socialist paradise for us; we are forever tethered to the self-persecuting poor; the religious seizure class; the pathologically ignorant. What are you gonna do?

I guess we'll just have to stay, figure out a way to kick the crap out of these delusional zombies, and save the damned world."

Thank you !

Sheri K

Dear Sheri,

Yeah, we know how the article ends, thanks. You know, it’s a matter of polite custom in Canada to send a nude photo of yourself along with any letter or e-mail. So get cracking, eh?


Silver Lining in Bush’s Win

George Bush’s successful bid for a second term in office is certainly cause for distress among Democrats, Liberals, Libertarians, Greens, Feminists, Gays and lots of other like-minded folks, but all is not lost.  You can find plenty of bright spots if you know where to look for them.

          A religious conversion can give you a clean slate.  If you are anything like George W. Bush, binge drinking, drug abuse, promiscuity and just about anything else you indulge in can be can be expunged from your past if you simply declare yourself Born Again.  Chances are, you’ll want to live it up for many years, so don’t use the religious conversion ploy until you’re really ready to settle down.

You can avoid the military draft.  The conservatives have fought hard to keep gays out of the military, so all you have to do is claim to be gay to avoid the draft.  This option is not available to your conservative counterparts because they would rather be dead than gay.  You, on the other hand, are open-minded and will suffer no shame in your pragmatic, though bogus, newfound state of sexual orientation.  After the war is over, you can undergo a religious conversion that both “cures” you and purges your past (see above). 

Guns are good for two reasons.  First, it is common knowledge that gun owners often kill themselves or their family members more often than they kill intruders.  That, by itself, will lead to a reduction in NRA supporters over time.   Second, given the precipitous decline in our civil rights due to the USA Patriot Act, it might not be a bad idea to rethink your own stance on gun control – you might need an AK47 some day soon.

          Putting God back into the Pledge is educational.  Many of us have gotten too persnickety over the word “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.  It’s better to look on the bright side and think of it as a celebration of our diversity: “one nation under Allah,” for the Muslims; “one nation under Bog” for the Poles, “one nation under Dios” for the Mexicans; and “one nation under” for the atheists.

          No more inconvenience. Let’s face it; no one likes to sort garbage for recycling. With this administration’s attitude toward the environment, recycling will fall by the wayside as a quaint holdover from the 20th Century practiced only by eccentric old women.  And forget about turning off the lights when you leave a room and turning down the thermostat at night.  None of that matters anymore because Dick Cheney has our energy policy all figured out.

            What would Jesus do? “What would Jesus do?” has become the mantra of religious conservatives.  Unfortunately, the answer they have come up with so far has included support for war and guns and a withdrawal of support for the sick and needy.  However, it is entirely possible that if they keep asking the question and reading their bibles, they might actually come up with the correct answer in the future.  As I recall, Jesus is the Prince of….

--April Spas

Dear April,

…pie? Is it pie? Prince of Pie? We love pie! Could you send us pie? We’d love some pie! Thanks for your inspiring message!


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The Top 10 Hacks of the 2004 Election

Matt Taibbi

10 - GEORGE WILL, NEWSWEEK: Will uses big words and pompous literary references to dress up what are basically the brutish and vulgar thinking patterns of a non-union meat-packing plant owner. He is a pig in a lace hat.

MEMRI Problems

Chris Riordan

Stranded from intellect and worthwhile rhetoric in Utica, NY for the last few months, I have made a habit of visiting political discussion boards online for a dose of informed bantering and arguing. I tend to gravitate towards conservative cyber communities because I generally prefer arguing to agreeing.

Pick of the Litter

Pat Ragpicker

It's 4am on a winter night, and I'm parked on a dead end street near Kaisertown. It’s a secluded corner of the city I found by driving around aimlessly. I'm new to town, and penniless after buying my van with $700 I squirreled away the last time I got a paycheck. That was 7 months ago. Over those months, I managed to live off a few hundred bucks while sleeping in a warehouse closet and helping some friends make a TV show to try selling to a network.

Redwoods Evil, Must be Destroyed

Kit Smith

Nature is a bad and inconvenient thing. It must be stopped. That's why so many of us environmental scientists voted for Bush. He recognizes that endangered species are tasty, that Yellowstone is the most awesome place for snowmobiling in the whole world, and that those horrible California Redwoods are home to Satan himself.

Too Cool for School

Al Uthman

In the decomposing cesspool of Buffalo's public schools, City Honors has long been regarded as something of a gem. In fact, it is widely regarded as the best school the city has to offer, with the brightest kids around.


Christopher Lord

Iraqis wondering what the next phase of the Republicans' invasion of their country will bring should consider El Aguacate airstrip in Honduras. In 2001, 185 bodies were dug up there: the victims were the 'terrorists' and 'enemies of democracy' of the day.

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