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Jack Davis vs China
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War on Drugs or Just War?
Plan Colombia Stays Aloft
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Anonymous Sources Under Fire--Sometimes

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Lonely Revolution
Free Buffalo, but Nobody's Buying

by Matt Higgins


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Mind On His Money And His Money On His Mind

New Buffalo School Board Superintendent James A. Williams hasn’t even started his term and yet he has already accomplished what has long been goal number one for Buffalo-bred politicians: he’s already demanded and received a pay raise – twice! Outstanding! Although his term does not start until July 1st, Williams scored again by weaseling out a hefty $850 per day perk for his “transitional” work in the interim period. It’s all part of his program to “hit the ground running.” With the school district some two million dollars in debt, Williams sure is hitting it. He’s droppin’ it like it’s hot.

How a CEO-type School Superintendent such as Williams can make do with less than a grand a day in a big city like Buffalo is anybody’s guess, but School Board Member Florence Johnson’s support is unwavering. On her weblog, Johnson praised Williams, the reformer. “This kind of reform upsets the status quo,” she wrote, “but it’s exactly the kind of change we need.”

We agree. When is the last time a politician who was black was allowed to reach this deep into the cookie jar, and before his first day on the job, no less? Don’t forget he’s already received a pay raise of nearly thirty-five thousand dollars above what outgoing superintendent Marion Canedo made, so he really is hitting the ground running.

But wait, won’t Williams be responsible for results at the end of his three-year term? Of course not. His second order of business after filling his pockets was to warn the board that results would be difficult, if not impossible, to determine within two to three years. Uh-huh.

The only question left is when do we start privatizing? When does Williams’ former employer, Community Education Partners, make the scene with their lucrative prison/school “alternative?” Oh, and when will Williams get his next raise?

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