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June 1 - 15, 2005

Issue #76

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The CyberCloset
A Chance Encounter

by Allan Uthman

Monkey Business
A Different Kind of Crusade
by Matt Taibbi
Jack Davis vs China
Trade Protectionist Gets His Party Started
by Matt Higgins
War on Drugs or Just War?
Plan Colombia Stays Aloft
by John Myers

Anonymous Sources Under Fire--Sometimes

by Matt Taibbi


Lonely Revolution
Free Buffalo, but Nobody's Buying

by Matt Higgins


Are You an Evil Genius?
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by N. Sorrenti


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The Cybercloset

Based on a True Story

By Allan Uthman

[Editor’s note: The following messages were posted to a chat room on gay.com the evening of June first, 2005.]

Bigbadwolf69: Who’s up for some action?

Likes_it_rough: What are you wearing?

Bigbadwolf69: That’s so corny! Let’s cut the chit chat and get to the heavy stuff.

Likes_it_rough: Well, aren’t we impatient! Cmon, humor me…

OnTopOrElse: Yeah, humor him!

Bigbadwolf69: LOL! Fine. To be honest, I’m wearing a leather choker and black satin panties…my package is practically busting out…

Likes_it_rough: Ooooohh….that’s so bad! Do you always dress like that?

Bigbadwolf69: Under my clothes, yeah. I have to wear a suit at work.

Likes_it_rough: That’s hot. What do you do?

Bigbadwolf: Well…don’t tell anyone, I’m a prominent Republican operative.

Likes_it_rough: LOL you’re kidding! Me too! Who do you work for?

Bigbadwolf69: How do I know you’re not a journalist, like that guy from Spokane who busted Jim West?

Likes_it_rough: Don’t worry, he’ll be taken care of – seriously, it’s cool.

Bigbadwolf69: Let’s just say I work for very powerful people in Washington.

Likes_it_rough: Doing what?

Bigbadwolf69: I put them into power, and I keep them there. You could say I’m sort of a really advanced PR guy. They call me “Turd Blossom.”

Likes_it_rough: OMG Karl? Is that you?

Like_it_rough: Hello?

Likes_it rough: Karl, it’s me, Ken!

Bigbadwolf69: Ken who?

Likes_it_rough: Mehlman—duh, who else?

Bigbadwolf69: Come on! Oh God! I was talking about my panties!

Likes_it_rough: Yeah, and your package. Eeeeew! Freaky!

Bigbadwolf69: LMAO! What are the odds! How are things at the RNC?

Likes_it_rough: We’re taking bets on how long until the Dems just close up shop.

Bigbadwolf69: Hah! Watch out for Dean, though, right?

Likes_it_rough: Well, as long as we keep hammering the ‘crazy’ thing it shouldn’t be too bad.

Bigbadwolf69: Yeah, the pundits are good like that.

Likes_it_rough: They just can’t match us for funding. Business has the $$ and we’re their boys. How’s the White House?

Bigbadwolf69: Fucking pain in the ass. Security’s so tight, you can’t squeeze an escort past the guards. Ever since Gannon got bounced I’m totally hard up. But things have gone well with the estate tax and bankruptcy bill.

Likes_it_rough: That’s ‘death tax’ Karl, come on now…

Bigbadwolf69: Whatever, we’re not on camera, Ken. The war, on the other hand, is a constant pain in the ass. That Downing Street memo, thank God nobody seems to give a shit, but, you know, very sloppy. I wish these guys thought ahead a little more.

OnTopOrElse: Watch yourself, Rove. You know who runs this show.

Bigbadwolf69: Dick!

OnTopOrElse: Hi guys. This is kind of awkward.

Likes_it_rough: OMG No way! Hi Mr. VP!

Bigbadwolf69: Hold on. How do we know it’s you?

OnTopOrElse: You have a hollowed out copy of 1984 in your office, in which you keep the best heroin I’ve ever booted.

Bigbadwolf69: Holy shit LOFL! This is amazing! How did we all wind up here?

OnTopOrElse: I decided to try it after reading that article in the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

Bigbadwolf69: Yeah, that was it for me too!

Likes_it_rough: Actually, I’m on here a lot.

OnTopOrElse: Listen, don’t tell anyone I was in here, OK? My doctors don’t want me getting excited.

Likes_it_rough: Well, no chance of that now, is there? LOL

OnTopOrElse: LOL yeah.

Bigbadwolf69: Hey, Dick, while I’ve got you, what are we doing about the human rights thing?

OnTopOrElse: What human rights thing?

Bigbadwolf69: You know, Guantanamo.

OnTopOrElse: What about it?

Bigbadwolf69: Well, you know…let’s see…this last week, a judge ordered the release of more torture photos, Tom Friedman said Gitmo should be closed down in the NYT, and Amnesty International said it was the “gulag of our times.”

OnTopOrElse: Whatever. Friedman’s an idiot. What do you suggest?

Bigbadwolf69: I think we move aggressively on AI. Smear the crap out of ‘em.

Likes_it_rough: We could start a 527!

Bigbadwolf69: Exactly. “Political Prisoners Against Amnesty International” or something.

Likes_it_rough: God, you’re good at that, Karl.

Bigbadwolf69: It’s a gift. ;-)

GWBuff: hey guys! its George! HAHA how did we all wind up on the same site?

Bigbadwolf69: Mr President, what are you doing in here?

GWBuff: andy read me some article about the mayor of spokan or something. I just thought gay.com sounds real funny! is that why you’re in here too?

Bigbadwolf69: Of course, sir.

OnTopOrElse: Listen, if this gets back to me, you’re all dead. I just hope you understand the severity of my revenge. That goes for any FBI agents monitoring this too. Fiery hell. Dead children. Hands dipped in liquid nitrogen and shattered off. Understand?

Likes_it_rough: Jesus, Dick, relax. Your ticker…

OnTopOrElse: Fuck you Ken, you little fairy. I’m 100% serious here. My wife thinks I’m briefing Condi.

GWBuff: I wouldnt mind breifing her myself! IF you know what I mean, eh! HA!

Likes_it_rough: Gross!

Bigbadwolf69: We know, Dick…we all know. Chill. None of us spilled the beans about Wellstone, right?

OnTopOrElse: That was your idea!

Bigbadwolf69: Great, Dick, just tell everyone. All I’m saying is, I think it’s mutually understood—we have a quorum, you know?

Likes_it_rough: Good one!

GWBuff: hey karl what’s a quorum

Bigbadwolf69: Mr. President, shouldn’t you be getting to bed? You have a town hall in the morning.

GWBuff: awesome, I love those things! people are so nice, it’s nothing like what they say it is on the tv. shit! laura’s calling! Freedom is definitely not on the march over here fellas!

Likes_it_rough: LOL

GWBuff: LOL!

Bigbadwolf69: ROFL Good one POTUS!

GWBuff: one more thing guys…those amensty intranatonal guys I said that stuff about today…they really hate america?

Bigbadwolf69: Oh yes, sir! Most definitely!

OnTopOrElse: No question there, sir.

GWBuff: Cuz I remember when U2 did joshua tree--killer album, BTW--and live aid and all that social conscios  music was big in the 80’s and everyone was big into amenesty inertational…..weren’t they good then, either?

OnTopOrElse: Well, that’s difficult…

Bigbadwolf69: Amnesty International used to focus on other nations then, sir. Now they’ve turned on us.

GWBuff: yeah, but we’re not doing a lot of that stuff they say we are, right? what’s a gulag anyway?

OnTopOrElse: It’s a prison, sir. A particularly cruel one where prisoners suffer great hardship.

GWBuff: but were they full of terrorists?

OnTopOrElse: Well, they probably called them terrorists. But the Soviets jailed a lot of intellectual dissidents there, too.

Bigbadwolf69: Yeah, and they made them work.

GWBuff: wait a minute…thats a grate idea! talk about killing 2 birds and such.

OnTopOrElse: Well, I suppose we could give them work…call it therapy or something.

Likes_it_rough: Hey, not bad, Mr. President!

GWBuff: im just getting started chuckles. now what was that other thing you just said? about the other people in them gulags? ineffectual diffidents?

Bigbadwolf69: Dissidents, sir.

GWBuff: whatev. now can’t we do that too? like with newsweek and jon stewart and them amenesty people?

OnTopOrElse: Umm…not at this time, sir.

Bigbadwolf69: Well, let’s think for a second, guys…why not, exactly?

OnTopOrElse: Jailing dissidents? What do you mean? It’s illegal. We’d have to change the laws…

Bigbadwolf69: LOL like that’s been a problem lately. Why do you think you guys pay me? I think we could build widespread support for a…a…the “Media Accuracy Reform Act.” What do you think?

Likes_it_rough: Niiiice. We should run it by some people…

OnTopOrElse: I don’t know. Sounds like something Delay could tag on a big appropriations bill or something.

Bigbadwolf69: Nah I think we only get something like this by going all out, cram-it-down-your-throat-style. We can get Roger Ailes on board easy.

Likes_it_rough: Are we sure we want to do this?

Bigbadwolf69: Absolutely. It’s a simple solution to a complex problem. Why not?

GWBuff: yeah whoever you are…what’s up your ass? I’m the fucking president! What I say goes, right boys?

Likes_it_rough: Of course, Mr. President.

Bigbadwolf69: Yes sir.

OnTopOrElse: Whatever, George.

Bigbadwolf69: Excellent ideas, sir. Shouldn’t you be in bed?

GWBuff: one more thing. i just wanna say i can’t believe the depths of moral depravity these people will stoop to. siding with the terrorists! its enough to drive me nuts.

Bigbadwolf69: Absolutely, sir, these liberals don’t know anything about morality.

OnTopOrElse: They’re decadent deviants, sir. Thank God we’re here to stop them.

GWBuff: amen to that, good buddy! you fellas keep up the good work!

Bigbadwolf69: By the way, sir, you’re missing America’s Funniest Home Videos.

GWBuff: shit!

GWBuff logged out.

Bigbadwolf69: Finally!

OnTopOrElse: All right, he’s gone. Now who wants to be my bitch tonight?

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