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Illuzzi: n. 1. The opposite of integrity.

Thanks to BuffaloPundit for alerting us to Joe Illuzzi’s latest attack on The Beast and our publisher Paul Fallon, over at politicswny.com. We’re glad we got to read it before it slipped off the bottom of his single-page site and into oblivion. (Hey Joe, get yourself a free blogging application--your site is a proto-blog anyway.)

It’s obviously a response to our latest story on him. The difference is that our story is accurate and truthful, and Illuzzi’s is 100% grade A horseshit. Let’s begin:

Local degenerate & all around scum bag “Attorney” Paul Fallon son of former Supreme Court Justice Leo Fallon is at it again. We contacted Fallon’s so called sources. The sources unequivocally deny ever talking to Fallon or his, quote, “rag” ... In other words, “he made it all up, Joe!” ... One of Fallon’s so called sources warned, “a scum bag like Fallon will do anything to attract attention to himself.”

Okay, we’ll set aside the epithets for now. After all, name-calling is all a slimy fuck like Joe has to resort to when he knows he’s been nailed. But this shit with the sources is maddeningly absurd. Read it again: “We contacted Fallon’s so called sources. The sources unequivocally deny ever talking to Fallon...”

Well, duh, Joe...that’s because they weren’t our sources, you idiot. We have no idea what Joe’s been smoking that makes him think he knows who we talked to, but it’s totally fucking clear that he has no clue. Basically, Illuzzi seems to have called up a friend of his and gotten him to say mean things about Paul. Identifying him as our source, while simultaneously denying that he is our source...and actually printing these dubious quotes without a hint of embarrassment.

On to the next paragraph...

He is generally considered a run of the mill ambulance chaser. Jurists in the 8 Counties must take note of Fallon’s libel, violation of his oath, behavior as a member of the bar & take the appropriate action to get this degenerate out of our court rooms. Much more on Paul & “Judge” Leo to come!

Again, absolute bullshit. Calling Fallon “a run of the mill ambulance chaser” is factually inaccurate. Personal injury work is not Paul’s field. What he has done is copius amounts of pro bono work for the NYCLU in civil rights cases. He is not guilty of libel, because the stories are factually correct. If anyone is libeling here, it is clearly Illuzzi himself.

Furthermore, promising to drag Fallon’s aged father into this is, in itself, a better indictment of Illuzzi’s classless, shameless character than we could ever write.

Illuzzi goes on to smear Greg Olma, who he is “told” was a source. Wrong again.

Journalistic battles are usually pretty easy to win in Buffalo, but this guy’s writing defeats itself. Joe either needs better sources himself, or he’s just making stuff up. Either way, Illuzzi is making this too easy. We guess he’s trying to intimidate us the same way he extorts money from local politicians, with negative press. But we’re not buying, Joe.


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