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Revoking the Bottle Deposit is an Asinine Idea

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Liberate County Real Estate!

Erie County Executive Joel Giambra's recent appointment of Hormoz Mansouri to the board of Erie County Community College Board of Trustees shows that Giambra and his political allies are not about to go quietly into that good night.

Mansouri's appointment may help Giambra finally attain his goal of consolidating all three ECC campuses, thereby allowing the “liberation” of valuable suburban real estate. Oppressed developers/political campaign contributors unite!

Giambra, an alumnus of ECC, has an interesting history with the college. In his campaign against Dennis Gorski, Giambra was able to make hay out of  political appointments and sweetheart deals at ECC. He accused Gorski of stifling dissent by “consolidating” the student newspapers that had been sharply critical of ECC's politicized administration. After winning election, Giambra proceeded to ignore the issue, prompting a successful lawsuit by the New York Civil Liberties Union against the County.

In 2002, the Middle States Commission on Accreditation criticized the college for continuing its' tradition of being a political haven. After that report came out Giambra demonstrated his disdain by forcing through the hiring of his sister-in-law Regina Lettieri.

If the appointment of Mansouri is any indication, Joel's infamous friends and family plan may, indeed, be alive and well. Mansouri, a prodigous campaign contributor who is also involved in real estate development may help make Joel's dream of selling off ECC's Amherst campus at fire sale prices a reality. It's important to note, however, that others at ECC, notably the school's president, Bill Mariani, have been critical of Giambra's consolidation plans in the past. Giambra may not be running for a third term, but this latest appointment proves he's not ready to go quietly.

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