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July 27 - August 10, 2005
Issue #80

  .Buffalo's Best Fiend

Mercury Rising
Big Media Buys the Pharm
by Allan Uthman

Taibbi Come Lately
Beast Founder Discovers Ohio
by Matt Taibbi
In Defense of Stupidity
Krauthammer: Down with Thinking
by Allan Uthman

Misadventures of Boy Wonder
Rove was Always a Scandal

by Matt Taibbi


Shred Man Talking
Gonzalez, Ashcroft Have a Chat
by Allan Uthman


Create your own Action Movie
Connect-the-Cliches and Make it Big in Hollywood!


Local Car Dealer Eats Entire Ham
Chris Crawford


Reader Opinions:

Brad & Angelina Shouldn't Adopt
China Owns our Asses
You're All Going to Hell
The BEAST Blog
Buffalo in Briefs
The Sports Blotter
The Week in Sports Crime
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Separated at Birth?
Kino Korner: Movies
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Create your own action movie!

Want to break into the movie business, but don’t know where to begin? At The BEAST, we’re here to help. While romantic comedies are just as predictable as action/adventure films, they contain a lot of talking, making them much more tedious to write than the dialogue-light guns-and-explosions spectacular. Need help putting together your cliché-ridden action/adventure plot? Just use this handy guide, and you’ll be a Hollywood wunderkind in no time!

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