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July 27 - August 10, 2005
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Tool Time with Brian Higgins

We’re always getting press releases from Brian Higgins in our e-mail inbox, with titles like “Congressman Higgins Recognizes Local Letter Carriers for National Achievement,” and “Congressman Higgins Presents Bronze Star to Local WWII Vet.” But for some reason, we didn’t get one last week titled, “Congressman Higgins votes to authorize federal agents to rummage through your underwear drawer without your knowledge.”

Higgins was one of 43 Democrats in the House to vote with 214 Republicans (including, of course, Tom Reynolds) for the “USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization Act” last Friday. 156 Democrats voted against it, along with 14 Republicans and the sole independent. 3 from each party didn’t vote.

The bill’s main author is House Judiciary Committee chairman James Sensenbrenner, the infamous douche who abruptly walked out on a hearing about this very bill last month, and turned off the microphones when the Democrats chose to stay and continue the discussion. That’s who wrote the bill our man Higgins voted for.

The Patriot Act, rammed through congress while the country was still reeling from the 9/11 attacks, was pitched as a temporary suspension of liberties, necessary to find and punish the evil-doers. But, as with nearly every “temporary” provision--from income taxes to an extra penny in Erie County’s sales tax, those in power get used to it, and never get around to repealing it. Of course to get the Act passed in the first place, ‘sunset provisions’ were put in place, but now, if the Senate agrees, 14 of 16 sections scheduled to end this December will become permanent.

The only non-permanent sections, of course the most controversial ones, have been prolonged for another 10 years. These include section 215, which means your financial, medical, library, church, travel, video rental, and phone records can be searched without your knowledge or consent.

As Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma told the San Francisco Chronicle, “Now we know the truth. The Patriot Act was never intended as an emergency measure. ... It appears its sponsors were always interested in a permanent crackdown on civil liberties.” But really, that hasn’t been in doubt since Nixon was in office. We endorsed Brian Higgins when he won his congressional seat in a squeaker contested by Nancy Naples.

We were pleased, for once, to see a Democrat win a tight contest against a Republican. But after voting for the inhumanly corrupt Bankruptcy bill last April, and now this, we’re wondering if it would make any difference had Naples won instead. Higgins is a joke, a shill, a phony—and a serious tool. This man does not represent us.

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