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July 27 - August 10, 2005
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Suburban Renewal

As the race for Mayor of Buffalo heats up, it’s good to know that the man who currently holds that seat has not forgotten his friends – you know, the people who have helped make his dream of turning Buffalo around a reality.

So it was with some sense of smug satisfaction that Tony Masiello announced that Rocco Termini and Carl Paladino were winners in the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency’s downtown real estate sweepstakes. The total dollar amount in tax breaks and goodies was not specified and BURA did not return our calls, but we trust that it was generous.

Termini converted the Holling Press building to apartments after Holling Press was driven out of town by the horrendous Convention Center atrocity. He will now rehab the Buffalo Alternative High School on Oak St.

As for Paladino, his firm Ellicott Development Co. beat out a design by Norstar Development for a waterfront development. Paladino’s project is geared towards wealthier tenants paying rents over $2,000 per month. Norstar’s proposal would have provided housing units affordable to middle class tenants. This calls to mind the Berger’s building project which also featured Paladino’s luxury suite plan beating out Landmark Development’s proposal for moderately priced units.

While there can be no doubt that the downtown housing market is on the up tick, if one looks more closely it becomes clear that the model is not based on traditional city living, but on a series of self-enclosed, gated communities for the wealthy. You might call the master plan Fortress Buffalo, or Clarence-By-the-Sea. It mirrors the cater-to-the-wealthy public policy that has pretty much taken over American political culture. Why flee the city for the suburbs, when we can bring the suburbs to the city?

Of course this gets the approval of The Buffalo News. “All of these projects are designed to bring more people downtown to work, live and shop,” one News editorial read. “They reflect a key part of a Queen City Hub plan to build and knit together the central business district and its surrounding neighborhoods.”

The Roswell Park campus does not “mesh” with the nearby fruit belt, the Skyway walls off the waterfront, and the construction of a casino will only increase the problems of situating an upper class playground in the midst of a culture of poverty and despair. But hey, at least there will be “cranes in the sky.”

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