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August 10 - 24, 2005
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Informatic Underload

The Erie County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) recently announced a $4.9 million dollar incentive package for a plant expansion at Invitrogen, a life sciences company most commonly associated with cell cultures and petri dishes.

While it’s never very clear how many jobs such IDA packages actually create, what is clear is that Invitrogen is the kind of company many thought would be attracted to the new Bioinformatics campus area in downtown Buffalo. The thinking at the time was of the “build it and they will come” variety. So a brand new building was designed and constructed. Touted as the signature building of Buffalo’s new medical corridor, the program has gotten off to a slow start, particularly in generating spin-off business.

Invitrogen, located on Grand Island, is expanding into research. But despite its proximity to UB, a move downtown does not make sense for various reasons. Even if Invitrogen were heavily involved in bringing products to market that were developed by researchers at the Bioinformatics campus, their company wouldn’t have to move to Buffalo and could, in fact, outsource the work if the price was right. Perhaps this is why the IDA has decided for the time being to pay life sciences companies already operating in the region to stay where they are – in the suburbs.

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