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August 10 - 24, 2005
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Death Disco Dead

It was recently announced that the Continental was closed for “an evaluation.” First, we have libraries closing, now The Continental. Maybe John Lydon was right, and there is “no future.”

Of course, The Continental is one of those Buffalo treasures, a beacon in a city where a gin mill can become a landmark if the cultural winds shift at the right time. If you remember when the Continental was a supper club, again, you’re probably too old to be reading this paper. For most, The Continental is known for its long history of taking chances on young fringe bands. Unfortunately, on most nights the bulk of the crowd was upstairs, dancing to the same old Tones on Tail or Skinny Puppy song they danced to last week, and watching themselves in the mirror.

The Continental was a destination. There was virtually nowhere else to go that was close or open. It was there long before the Chip Strip and it certainly looks it. Maybe it’s time for a major upgrade to that entire block now that the nearby parking ramp of the same vintage has been demolished. What would really suck is if The Continental closure turned out to be yet another pawn in the casino hot potato game. Not because the Goth kids would lose their mecca – they can probably find someplace they would consider to be cooler, if they haven’t done so already. Club Diablo on Washington St. seems to be the logical next meeting place for the wrist-slashing demographic.

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