Buffalo BEAST - Buffalo's New Best Fiend

August 24 - September 7, 2005
Issue #82

  .Buffalo's Best Fiend
Evolution Rock
Jesus or Darwin? An ultimatum
Allan Uthman

Keepin' it Real
Cindy Sheehan, representin'
Shawn Ewald

It's Gettin' Hot in Here
Global Warming: Warming the Globe?
Kit Smith
Large & in Charge
Bob Wilmers, Buffalo's control freak
Donnie Dobovich
People Like You
You people just don't get it

Michael Manville

No Strategy, Just Exit
Fractured left threatens itself

Stan Goff

The Real Greatest Americans
Screw the Discovery Channel
Erich Schulte

The BEAST Blog
Buffalo in Briefs
The Sports Blotter
The Week in Sports Crime
Page 3
Celebrity Math
Separated at Birth?
Kino Korner: Movies
[sic] - Letters
 Cover Page

Idiot Box
Perry Bible Fellowship
Bob the Angry Flower

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Last Issue: (81)


Name: Bruce Wang

Turn-ons: Wesley Snipes, Robin, tea parties, Stone Cold Steve Austin, AOL, Barbara Streisand, techno music, playing with my utility belt, fighting crime.

Turn-offs: Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, restaurant dress codes and the Joker.

How I Became The Beast Page 3 Gay Black Batman: The question really is, how could I not be the The Beast Page 3 Gay Black Batman? Admittedly I do have kind of a niche market working for me—sure, you might find a Black Batman running around out there, but if you want a Gay Black Batman you have to come to me. In truth, you will have to do some rather unusual internet searches that give your friends reason to question your sexuality, but here I am; Gay Black and Batman! Of course you will find me in the company of other images that will cause your editor to exclaim “there is no way we can print that,” but it only works to my advantage. Well, that and my awesome package of course.

Future Plans: I am currently developing a line of holistic soaps and bath oils for the modern gay superhero. I really feel it’s an overlooked and untapped market. I will of course still fight crime with the same enthusiasm, dedication and uniquely flamboyant style that I have always brought to the justice table. I don’t want anyone to worry, though; I will always have time for karaoke night at the Hall of Justice.

How I’d Like to be Remembered: As the first ever Gay Black Secretary of State—oh yeah—never mind. Homeland Security Chief, then.

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