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Sept 7-Sept 21, 2005
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Seizin' Regan

In a move designed to inspire the confidence of the young people of Western New York, Gov. Pataki brought in perhaps the oldest Republican Party crony he could find to direct the activities of the “soft” fiscal control board of Erie County. In order to take a new direction, the governor has decided that we have to do things the way we always have. We have to make sure that Republican fossils like Ned Regan can bask in the sunshine of political patronage.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the soft control board promised by the Governor is, in reality, a velvet glove for an iron-fisted power grab. As Regan recently told the Buffalo News, “There’s a massive momentum for change and it’s time to seize that opportunity.”

So far, the first opportunity seized by Natty Ned is a six-figure salary for each one of his pals on the Control Board. Soft control board, that. Soft, cushy and not a bad paycheck, even if it does entail spending a few days of each month in Buffalo. That’s the same type of public stewardship we saw from Buffalo’s control board. These folks may be unelected and unaccountable, but you can’t say that they’re uncompensated. And, as with Buffalo, county taxpayers are still paying the salaries of all the evil elected politicians the Board is here to clean up after.

Job number two for the new control board was to find a group of “independent” fact finders, preferably a group of professional accountants operating in a realm outside of the petty partisan politics of this community of bickering Bills fans. And so for a mere million dollars, the Erie County Control Board hired the firm of Public Financial Management.

So far, stories in the Buffalo News have focused on the comfort level of these brand new bureaucrats. It’s been duly noted that they’ve been spending most of their time observing, and according to some unnamed sources, some of these people actually find Buffalo to be quite a pleasant place.

When you look at the background of Public Financial Management, however, a different picture emerges. This firm is little more than a collection of grouper fish following around Republican sharks. Prior to being hired by Ned Regan, this summer’s highlight for the company was being at the center of an ethics investigation in Ohio. They hired a lobbyist, Brian Hicks to secure contracts with the State of Ohio when under Ohio law, Hicks could not legally lobby State officials.

A historical overview of PFM shows that one of their most successful fields of endeavor has been coming up with supporting data for expensive public works projects, particularly sports stadiums. Everything indicates that PFM operates in a very traditional political manner: We pony up campaign contributions, you give us contracts, we provide supporting data for our mutually reinforcing, Republican initiatives. So, it’s pretty clear that what old Ned is really talking about when he talks about ‘seizing the initiative.’

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