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Sept 7-Sept 21, 2005
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Less is Mohr

A funny thing happened on the way to the ATM known as the Independence Party. Just as IP Chairman Tony Orsini and his pals were getting ready for another round of golf at the Springville Country Club, Erie County Board of Elections Chairman Ralph Mohr did the unthinkable. No, he didn’t demand that the State Attorney General investigate Orsini and friends. Mohr went for less. In other (french) words he opted for the laissez faire method of coup d’etat.

The word is that hard line Republicans led by Mohr are going after the Independence Party because they sold out the Party’s endorsement for Mayor of Buffalo to Democratic front runner Byron Brown. The hardliners are now backing former Independence Party Chairman and Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority staffer Charlie Flynn for the party’s endorsement. By running Flynn, they hope to accomplish two objectives. First, they hope to create a schism in the Independence Party that will allow the Republicans to gain control over its important line on the ballot. Second, if they are successful in eliminating Brown from the ballot in a primary, their hope is that many disenfranchised Democrats who are sick to their stomachs over the Republican party of George Bush, will consider switching their vote for Mayor to an “outsider” and an “independent” like Flynn.

In keeping with the Neanderthal tradition of Buffalo politics, they are also hoping to capture some of the voters that can be relied upon to put ethnicity above ideology and vote for Flynn despite the fact that he is not a Democrat.

Flynn scored some points in the most recent Mayoral debate by highlighting his opposition to the controversial taxpayer-supported Bass Pro project, which Brown and the Democratic establishment supports. Flynn floated a not-so unbelievable conspiracy theory about Bass Pro in which the company founders were going after numerous taxpayer-supported projects such as the one in Buffalo in the hopes of taking the company public, reaping the rewards of an IPO and then pulling the ripcord on a golden parachute. Indeed, this is not a completely unlikely scenario.

It’s interesting to note that the only glimmer of reform on the horizon for the cynical exploitation of the political process represented by IP Chairman Tony Orsini and friends is yet another cynical exploitation of the political process by Board of Elections boss Ralph Mohr and friends. Now that’s progress!

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