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Casino Paladino

One of the great political marriages of the last decade occurred when Carl Paladino’s daughter married into the Jacobs family of Delaware North fame. It was kind of a Cinderella story – the daughter of guy who grew up in Lovejoy marries into one of the wealthiest families in the area – an American dream of social mobility come true.

Well, it would seem the honeymoon’s over. On the Paladino side, Carl has long been one of the most vociferous supporters of a casino in downtown Buffalo. His vision of downtown Buffalo as a playground for middle class white folks is, of course, shared by many. In addition to investing in several upscale condo projects in the downtown area, Paladino has been a big believer in the notion that a tourism economy will be a major factor in regenerating the downtown economy and he has advocated for a downtown casino (to the point of hiring an attorney to legally force the Senecas to build a casino downtown).

Paladino has stated that a casino does not represent a panacea for Buffalo’s economic woes, but should be viewed as just “one piece in the puzzle” of a new economy powered in large part by tourism. This, of course, is an argument born in the booming economy of the nineties, when gas was cheap and middle class folks had lots of discretionary dollars to spend exploring off-the-beaten track tourism gems like the Buffalo-Niagara region.

Now that economic growth has slowed, the middle class is an endangered species, and the cost of gasoline has skyrocketed, Paladino is still apparently holding onto to the tourist economy dream and has not backed down in his support of a downtown casino run by the Senecas.

On the other hand, Chris Jacobs, the political heir apparent of the Jacobs family clan, recently came out against the casino along with other major players such as the development dynasty inheritor Paul Ciminelli. Normally, wealthy power brokers in Buffalo work together to keep control of the market, harassing outside investors and would-be political reformers from within their own ranks. Who would have thought that a Paladino-Jacobs union would ever encounter such turbulence?

This appears to be a somewhat significant disagreement because the Senecas are not only outsiders; they’re outsiders with a history of not playing nice – particularly with Delaware North. In any event, the casino is still being promoted by The Buffalo News as another done deal which local citizens have no power to stop. This despite the fact that the fundamental rationales for a casino, increased tourism due to higher disposable incomes and low gas costs, are now completely out the window.

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