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Sept 21 - Oct 5, 2005
Issue #84

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The Red Sea

Well over ninety percent of New York State’s debt is generated by public authorities, like our control boards. Public authorities are quietly dominated by those who have a vested interest in the financing of public debt, namely bankers and developers.

In our last issue we predicted that the accountants brought in by the County’s new control board would come up with exactly the same solution already called for by said control board. Unfortunately, we were right. The ethically challenged firm of PFM reached the same conclusion: Erie County needs more debt. Are we clairvoyant, lucky or just used to swimming in horseshit? Well, if we were either clairvoyant or lucky we’d be professional gamblers. What we do know is that it only cost the County around a million for this advice.

No one is asking why the Erie County Control Board is campaigning heavily for the County to increase its public indebtedness, despite the fact that we have the third lowest property tax burden in the State. If you represent lenders, you must convince people of the need to borrow – even if that need doesn’t exist.

What Buffalo’s power brokers are doing here is quite similar to what the World Bank and IMF do to third world countries: give them massive loans they can never pay off, and then privatize all of their assets. Schools, hospitals, etc.—think about it: if we had the money, would we ever be okay with closing libraries and fire stations? No. The debt is necessary to enable a small-government, low-service agenda.

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