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Guest columnist Lou Dobbs warns America
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Your cosmic fortune in insult form.
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Buffalo News readers must break the cycle.


Name: Tony Snow

Turn-ons: Incoherent biblical apologies, making stuff up, subbing for Rush Limbaugh, Jethro Tull, playing journalist.

Turn-offs: Science, reality, fact-checkers, the fairness doctrine, fags, melanin.

How I got to be The BEAST PAGE 3 REPUBLICAN HOOD ORNAMENT: Iíve been prepping for this gig my entire life. Just look at my qualifications: Iím a stupid, soulless Jesus freak, I was editorial page editor at the Washington Times, Iím a talking head for Fox News, and I used to write speeches for the presidentís dad. Plus I have a life-sized sculpture of Ronald Reaganís ass at home that I lick clean every Sunday. I Ďm going to be the most persuasive spokesman this administration has ever had because, thanks to my lifetime of fervent religious faith, I am a total moron. I mean, McClellan looked like his head was going to explodeóme, Iím as serene as a lobotomized Buddhist on heroin.

Future Plans: Charming the White House press corps with my friendly demeanor and cash donations, blowing kisses at Carl Cameron, and poisoning Helen Thomasí coffee.

How Iíd like to be remembered: As the only White House staffer besides Bush who actually vaporized when the rapture came. Sayonara, sinners!



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