"Totally coup, yo."

An open letter to Andrew C. White




Daily Kos Diarist (and Democratic Committee Chair) is Seriously Confused


Dear Andrew C. White,

I don’t know who you are, or why you’re trying to harsh my Congress buzz, but you’re doing it wrong.

Firstly, you give me grief for spelling my campaign website, MurphycanhasCongress.com, incorrectly. You think it should be “can haz”. While many people write it that way, one only need visit icanhascheezburger.com to see that it’s spelled “has”.

Fail, as the kids say.

Secondly, you do a major disservice to the truth by focusing solely on the humorous aspects of my campaign. This silly vs. serious debate has been a point of contention even within my own campaign, but you’ve blithely ignored the fact that my campaign website is more issues-based than any of my opponents’–with the exception of the right-wing Federalist Party candidate David Bellevia. I don’t agree with any of his positions, but at least he has them.

The major party candidates’ sites are all style, no substance. Go to Jane Corwin’s or Kathy Hochul’s website and try to figure out what the hell they stand for. Or is that not something a diarist at Daily Kos feels compelled to do–research his obtuse rant before posting?

This just in: You’re a Democratic apparatchik, and your Daily Kos echo-chamber is all about bias confirmation. But as a “writer” you have a responsibility to report the facts–even when they don’t fit your two-party narrative.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the record of NY State Assemblywoman Jane Corwin (R) is funnier than I ever could be. This is a woman whose idea of economic stimulus rests entirely on the failed policies of trickle down, Laffer Curve nonsense. She’s also a woman who’s voted against the rights of homosexuals.

Maybe you should chastise her. At least I know when I’m telling a joke.

Ian Murphy


  • The Lone Cabrone

    What a surprise. Establishment liberals at the daily kos are sabotaging the efforts of people who have balls and don’t believe in “compromising” with right wingers, the way that establishment pussy libs like Kos and Huff Post have done the past decade, which has only perpetuated and complimented the right’s arrogance.

  • Constantine

    Goddamn, Murphy, can’t you just stop making fun of the political process? What you need to do is focus and take questions from a YouTube snowman like a serious politician.

  • admin

    We tried to contact that snowman, but he died that spring–in a horrible car accident.

  • An Outhouse

    Dear (according to Bellavia’s website) Mr Pro-Abortion,
    As a resident of the 26th district, I can assure you that the Democratic Party is doing absolutely nothing for their candidate.They have fund raisers so committee members can travel to Albany but no money for candidates signs, etc. So a big FU to the dKOS dude – mind your own loser party.

    Lastly, when mentioning Bellavia, the proper salutation is the Iraq War Criminal, David Bellavia. Anyone who brags about terrorizing people in their own homes should be castrated.

  • Biff Squat-thrust

    Bellavia molests collies.

  • Eric G

    A year ago, the Daily Kos ripped into the non-humorous Kucinich. I am sick of Democrats who favor corporatists over progressives.

  • George W. Bush Jr.

    Daily Kos banned me from posting because I made fun of Sarah Palin’s tits and Obama’s vagina. Give them hell Ian and then give them some more hell. The choices are an angry old rich crank who hates you. Barbie, Horseface or a true liberal left wing free thinking Irish Ass Kicking Motherfucker. Only one represents my values but you’ll just have to guess who that is. Yes, Barbie! I’ve always wanted to fuck Barbie. She really is the ultimate dildo once you burn the hair off.

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