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  ISSUE# 138





  ISSUE# 137

Whores on Terror

Future Schlock

Roeder the Maybe Killer

  ISSUE# 136
April 2009

A BEASTer Miracle

One Lump or Two?

John R. Searle interview

  ISSUE# 135
March 2009

Desperate but not Serious

The Idiot Machine

Chemtrails: Duh

  ISSUE# 134
January 2009

50 Most Loathsome Americans 2008

Change you can Smoke?

How to Lose Money Running a Speed Lab pt3

  ISSUE# 133
December 2008

The Great Shame: Bush's legacy is our failure

Race to the Cabinet

A Million Little Pundits

  ISSUE# 132
November 2008

Crock the Vote

Let's Get Social

How to Lose Money Running a Speed Lab

  ISSUE# 131
October 2008

General Election: The Board Game!


Car-pocalypse Now

  ISSUE# 130
September 2008

Impeach or Behead?

Moldy Dick

Abominable G-Men at the DNC

  ISSUE# 129
August 2008


Top 10 Idiocies of the General Election

The Asshole Disease

  ISSUE# 128
July 2008

The Wrath of Con

Big Fuss

Media Manners

  ISSUE# 127
June 2008

The Nader Fader

Exhuming McCarthy


  ISSUE# 126
May 2008

Bait & Switch

Fuck the Troops

Dirty Rock

  ISSUE# 125
April 2008

The Icewoman Cometh!

Last Tangle in Persia

The Wright Stuff

  ISSUE# 124
March 2008

The BEAST Guide to Women's History

Immune to Reality

Hard Ballin' with Chris Matthews

  ISSUE# 123
February 2008

Primary Fever!

Dumb as Dixie

Anbar Province: Vacation with Us!

  ISSUE# 122
January 2008

The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2007

Stop Being an Asshole

The War on the War on

  ISSUE# 121
December 2007

Political Shrinkage:
Clinton the castrator induces pundit panic

God Hates Women: Feminism & Religion don't mix

The Gift of Graft: Corruption will save us

  ISSUE# 120
November 2007

Mind-boggling Political Illusions!

Ghostbusters: Dems cross streams in Turkey

Pastor John Hagee Launched on Iranian Nuclear Facility

  ISSUE# 119
Seotember/October 2007

Larry Craig's guide to restroom hand gestures

Fred Certain: Thompson's idiot appeal


  ISSUE# 118
August 2007

The Avalanche Threat

Mr. BEAST goes to Washington

An Inconvenient Douche

  ISSUE# 117
June/July 2007

Let there be Retards: Special Times at the Creation Museum

Those Lazy Iraqis

Ghosts of HST & Tim Leary

  ISSUE# 116
May/June 2007

The BEAST Guide to Campus Massacres
Inexcusaably offensive!

Battle of the Network Stars

Interview w/ Michael Parenti

  ISSUE# 115
April 2007

President Rubber vs. Speaker Glue

In Defense of Ann Coulter?

The BEAST Last Minute Tax Guide & Civil Disobedience Primer

Issue 114 Cover Small ISSUE# 114
February 2007

Schlep Boys
Failing forward in one act

The Britney Budget

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Blogger and journalist Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog on the hijacking of democracy

  Issue 113 Cover Small ISSUE# 113
January 2007

The 50 Most Loathsome Americans 2006
Our annual ode to awfulness.

Power Surge
Bush blows a fuse!

Chattin' with Chomsky
We e-mailed him & he wrote back!


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