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Major parties tell you to tighten your belt, so the corporate pigs may feast

I’m fed up with Democrat and Republican lies. One of those lies? That it’s time America had an “adult conversation” about our budget and the deficit. The conversation goes like this: Our country’s broke and we, the people, have to reduce our living standard to pay for corporate greed.

Of course, they’d never use that kind of honest language. But throughout the land workers are being denied their collective bargaining rights, social programs are on the chopping block — even children are being kicked off of food stamps! At the same time, insanely wealthy corporations who should pay their fair share, often pay no taxes at all.

For instance:

Bank of America paid absolutely no federal income tax in 2009 while making $4.4 billion. This is a company that was bailed out by us, the tax payers, to the tune of $1 trillion and yet they squirm through every dirty loophole imaginable to avoid paying their fair share. In the same year, top BoA executives were paid between $6 and $30 million.

Between 2008 and 2010 Boeing didn’t “pay a dime of U.S. federal corporate income taxes.” During the same period Boeing was granted a whopping $35 billion federal contract. That’s your money, or it used to be, America. And I almost forgot to mention their $124 million IRS refund.

Citigroup’s income taxes paid during the third quarter of 2010? You got it: Nothing! And Citigroup’s highest paid executive earned $9.5 million for the second year in a row. Starting to get mad yet?

While Exxon-Mobil’s CEO made an obscene $29 million in 2009, the enormous oil conglomerate managed to pay nothing into the U.S. Treasury via offshore subsidiaries and corporate tax loopholes. Mad? Oh, and they also received a $156 million rebate from the IRS, according to its SEC filings. How about now?

And, of course, there’s GE. General Electric, the largest company in the world, had profits of $14.2 billion worldwide, $5.1 billion coming from business in the U.S. How much did they pay in taxes? ZERO dollars and ZERO cents. Jeffrey Immelt, former GE CEO and recent addition to Obama’s “Jobs and Competitiveness” board, earned nearly $10 million last year. And his idea of jobs and competition? “When I am talking to GE managers, I talk China, China, China, China, China…”

GE made a total of $26 billion in U.S. business in the last five year and received a $4.1 billion refund from the IRS. Mad?

This list could go on and on. To see some of the unsourced claims made above, and more, see here.

Fed up yet? I am. I’m fed up with this two-party nonsense, this corporate lie. If you are too, vote Murphy on May 24th.

Let’s do this thing,

Ian Murphy


Originally posted at MurphycanhasCongress.com


  • http://alfrankenweb.com/forum Sir Rhino

    I like it
    *SR gives the thumbs up gesture*

    Are you planning on making a YouTube out of it?

  • Randy

    Isn’t it time to eliminate corporate “persons”? This would go a long way to reducing their power, and would allow ACTUAL persons to exert some control over them once again.

  • Ozinator


    rebellion in the US will be so stupid and misdirected that it will be armed gangs of angry whites killing minorities.

  • http://alfrankenweb.com/forum Sir Rhino

    Yes TWIB, not every revolution ends well …

  • Brian

    I’d vote for you, if I lived in your district.

  • Erik Berta

    Ian, I appreciate your passion but I feel it may be miss-directed. Being ‘mad’ at GE for making profits while laying off American workers and paying zero taxes is like being ‘mad’ at a lion for eating a poor dear little caribou. A corps. soul purpose is to increase share holder value – period. Not plant a tree and feed a kitten and then increase share value. Increase share value no matter how many baby seals you have to club to death with crucifix shaped dildo while drinking light crude from the hollowed skull of gore vidal! The problem is not the ‘greedy’ corps. The problem is the system itself. The system is broken. There used to be firewalls to keep business and government from touching each other (often very inappropriately). But now all rules have been either watered down or completely removed. 100% public funded campaign finance. Flat tax. A ‘manahtan project’ style R and D program to gain energy independance – NOW. Free socialized health care. And most importantly dissolve the entire military. All of these things would make America a great nation of law once again – but – at the same time – it would mean that 80% of us would be suddenly unemployed. The system is so broken, and has been for so long, fixing it would only serve to kill us all.

  • admin

    Well said, Rior–troll.

  • Biff Squat-thrust

    Jeez, Ralph Nader has been warning about this for literally decades. Thanks to a planned media attack on Nader to make him look like some old crazy coot, most people bought it and ridiculed him.

    Yay, everyone’s waking up finally…as the thieves vanish in a cloud of dust, maybe, but better late than never.

    Haha, Murphy!! I’m out for awhile and this is what you’ve been up to? Count me in as a supporter!

  • admin

    Wow. The famous actor! Yeah, meme it up, memeboy. I figured you wrote some of those.

  • Robbie

    Hi Ian, congratulations on your Congressional campaign, from kindred spirits & jaded Greens over in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We will work on getting you endorsed by the legendary “ORFG,” Orange Radical Fanatical Greens. See http://hickok.info for more central control programming. Huffing & puffing is well & good, but as a candidate you need solid ANSWERS. Tell us how you plan to fix these problems when elected to Congress. How will you get your colleague majority to vote for your solutions? PS, a few more questions about your candidacy, standard with ORFG: Have you ever smoked a joint? Have you ever sucked another man’s cock? Has another man ever sucked your cock? What do you think of chicks with dicks?… and finally, can you recite the TEN KEY VALUES from memory?

  • http://www.theganjaguru.com ItBlows

    DarthFurrious, I like your observation.
    Erik Berta, I totally agree with the things you would change in the system.

    But you don’t go far enough. We need to knock the system on it’s fucking head. We do it non-violently with the only thing that gets any kind of “vote” in todays world…. Dollars.

    Don’t purchase products from corporate entities who don’t pay Taxes

    Expose any public official who was neglecting their duty to uphold and defend the constitution by accepting bribes from entities that do not pay income tax and Run Against them.

    Replace any Soap, product with hemp soap. Give the money to hemp farmers who are working to free the tree of life rather than TPTB.

    When adding to your clothing purchase 1 hemp product for each part. Socks, shorts, shirts, etc. Give your money to clothing manufactures who are working to free the tree of life.

    When eating food, – Add hemp to your diet. Hemp protein powder is THE most complete protein rich plant based protein nature can make.

    We could replace oil for a fuel source if we were “allowed” to grow hemp. 1 acre = 500 Gal of hemp oil.

    Our ancestors were required by LAW to grow hemp. Why are we now banned?

    I am an American. My forefathers made this land great. I am going to uphold the idea of the constitution being THE LAW that I follow. If anything the government does prevents a person from perusing life, liberty or HAPPINESS, then we shall destroy these parasites within the system.

    Our ancestors gave us the tools to fix this mess. We just have to use them. – Purchasing power is the last bastion of power we have. Make a difference, vote with your wallets.

  • Steven Gordon

    @troll: 1) Why are you posting that on this article? “Are You Pissed Off” is a good piece of journalism that doesn’t have anything to do with music. 2) No, the reason you don’t go to Pitchfork is because you suck and/or have no taste and/or are over 30. 3) There’s not too much music coverage, just not enough non-music coverage, and 4) there’s entirely too much Troll With It coverage. It’s time to get a job/life. Go outside. Make some friends. You know?

  • Steven Gordon

    Beast always covered Culture (http://www.buffalobeast.com/01/no2creed.htm). And anyway, I actually do like a lot of your posts here, as well as the issues you did (right?). Ehhhh, I’m so not into flame wars, you win <3 4eva

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