"Totally coup, yo."

BEAST PAGE 3 "Poison Pill"





Name: Insurance Assange Style.aes256

Turn-ons: 256-bit encryption, torrents, planning ahead, the currently-breathing Julian Assange, government transparency, hackers, 4chan, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, babes and Vegemite.

Turn-offs: Brute force attacks, Russian bootlegs of popular films, condoms, Swedish sex law, Paypal, Visa et al, US Special Forces, Sarah Palin, CIA Black Sites and secrecy–except for my own.

How I got to be The BEAST Page 3 “Poison Pill”: Crikey. ‘Ell if I know, Govna! I was just sitting on a Wikileaks mirror server–avin’ a Fosters with my mates–and blammo! Next thing you know, I’m being uploaded to torrent sites, gettin’ seeded all over the bloody earth. I know as much as you do at this point. I may contain info on BP, Goldman Sachs, Gitmo…bugger if I know. I don’t ‘ave the password either. But it must be good, because my mate Julian is still with the living, as they say. Oy! Oy! Oy!

Future Plans: When my dear mate finally gets himself into a “plane accident”or wha’ever, my password will be online and distributed worldwide within minutes, revealing the most diabolical of government and business secrets. That, or maybe I’ll just be a terrible virus uploaded by the CIA. I think it really depends on which version you download, mate. ; )

How I’d Like to be Remembered: As the most Bond-like shit you eva’ ‘eard of.

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