"Totally coup, yo."

BEASTcast 10: Bunting/Murphy




BEASTcast episode 10: Bunting/Murphy (mp3)

In this Very Special BEASTcast, I talk to BEAST editor-in-chief Ian Murphy about his recent run for Congress to represent the 26th District of New York. We all know that it is illegal to make fun of thin-skinned local television personalities, but is it still illegal when an editor of a satirical website does it? Did Murphy break into his opponent’s phone bank in order to obtain incriminating evidence? And what’s up with escalating the war in Indochina to Cambodia and Laos? These questions and many more will be answered.

Music is by Pigface and is used with permission.

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  • Eric G

    It’s too bad you didn’t pull a stunt on WGRZ or PBS. You would have gotten some public support.

  • http://youtu.be/ayc1P4bWOHc Joe Dixon

    It’s a shame this interview was conducted before this whole thing with Anthony Wiener, Josh. You could’ve asked Ian if he’s ever Twittered (Twitted?) his penis. Actually, I suppose you could still ask him. In fact, that might be a standard question for everyone you interview. Even the women.

    • http://nanobotswillenslaveusall.wordpress.com/ Josh Bunting

      I have been! It’s just that I always end up having to edit that part of the interview out, on our attorney’s advice.

  • Steven Gordon

    and did you notice how he constantly uses nouns and verbs? like, in every sentence? and his voice is recorded somehow? it’s fucking nuts, pube man.

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