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Boxing: An Even Bigger Joke Than We Thought




At least the WWE admits that it’s fake…


I give zero fucks — flying or otherwise — about boxing. Every major fight, I try to get into it, but the whole thing just bores the hell out of me. Yes, this is coming from someone who will publicly admit to liking NASCAR. You can say all you want about how it’s an art or a science, but really it’s just two dudes punching the shit out of each other. And that can only be entertaining for so long.

This past Saturday, yet another one of those aforementioned big fights occurred. Noted Hewlett-Packard spokesperson and homophobic douche Manny Pacquiao fought Timothy Bradley, a fighter who, while skilled, was considered to be vastly inferior to Pacquiao. Pacquiao was heavily favored, and predictably dominated the match en route to an easy — wait, he lost? What the fuck?

Yes, that’s right, despite being bested in every single statistical category, Bradley was declared the winner, pissing off boxing fans everywhere, and making a sport that already had a reputation for being corrupt as fuck somehow feel even slimier than before:

It didn’t take long for people to begin speculating about why such a shocking error in judgement could occur. Shortly after the fight, a vegas insider sent Bill Simmons a tweet claiming that there was heavy betting on Bradley right before the fight began. Had word of a fix gotten out ahead of time? It will be interesting to see what new facts emerge about this situation in the coming days and weeks.

When looking at what we already know, however, it’s hard not to believe the fight was rigged. Keep in mind, boxing still has a big problem: its two biggest stars (Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather) refuse to fight each other, and there’s no way to cash in on a non-rivalry. What’s the easiest way around that? To create an artificial rivalry. Have Bradley “defeat” Pacquiao the first time, only to have Pacquiao rip him to shreds later on in a heavily hyped “rematch.” It would’ve been the perfect scheme, had they not made it so horrifically obvious.

After the fight, the hashtag #ripboxing quickly began trending on Twitter. Will this pathetic display of chicanery really prove to be the demise of the so-called “sweet science?” The answer may very well be: yes. Boxing has been getting its ass kicked by ultimate fighting for a while now, and it’s been doing whatever it can to win back fans. The question is, if major fights like this are so obviously rigged, why would anyone give a shit about boxing? If you want to watch two men pound each other into smithereens, go to any Irish pub on any Saturday night. It’s a lot cheaper, and there’s no way to rig that shit.

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  • A.C. Sativa

    I think they fixed it to pop a big buyrate for the rematch. It’s a classic WWE tactic actually, the babyface gets fucked over so everyone wants to see him get revenge. Everyone should stream the rematch instead of buying it out of protest.

    I wanted Pacman to win up until I saw him on 24/7 going on about how you have to read the Bible, and then the story in this weeks SI (which should change it’s name to “Christian Sports Weekly”) turned me off him completely. Still, he won fair and square and got fucked. Total bullshit!

    People need to stop caring what’s trending on Twatter. Worst invention of the last 50 years.

    BTW, the new website looks great.

  • RobThomas

    Sativa (oowhee),

    I remember reading an article in SI about Lynn Swann years back, about how he’s a Republican and everything. Never mind the fluff piece feel to it. They really showed their ass when they said something to the effect, “Swann does not have that elitist appeal and wordly knowledge, like Bill Clinton. He’s a down to earth…”, etc. That’s not the exact quote but believe me it was something to that effect. And Clinton hadn’t been president in years so it was irrelevant to invoke him. Most of the sports media has run right of center.

  • Diablo

    No offense, but your lack of knowledge about the boxing world is sort of showing. This whole thing was pretty much predictable.

    Basically Bob Arum owns Top Rank, which owns both Manny and Bradley. Bob is as corrupt as they come and would murder his child if it made him a dime.

    Going into this fight, word was pretty heavy that Manny was sick of dealing with Arum and was looking to change promoters. Also, by having both fighters in his pay, Bob literally gets two paychecks. Now if Manny loses, he gets to set up an automatic rematch, literally getting 4 paychecks for this match up.

    Also, with Manny no longer having the belt, his bargaining position could be viewed as less than before (though that is fucking retarded as there are four…count them FOUR belts per weight class). Belts are fucking meaningless.

    If you really want to laugh, look into the response of the head of the Nevada Athletic Commission, Keith Kiser. A murder could occur in a ring, and Keith would cover it up happily.

    These things happen all the time in boxing. It ain’t going to kill the sport, but it sure going to keep it in the crapper.

  • Diablo

    Ops, its Keith Kizer.

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