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BEASTcast 19: Adam WarRock




BEASTcast Episode 19: Adam WarRock (mp3)

Adam WarRock is a nerd rapper who releases a ridiculous amount of free content through his website. His newest album, You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?, was released just this week. We talk about nerdcore rap, comic books, sci-fi, ragequitting, politics, and his newest album.

You can buy his newest album here. Also, check him out on tour if you can.

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The Grammys: An exercise in existential despair




I can’t decide if the Grammys are relevant. On the one hand, they have a nasty habit of ignoring modern trends — like when Kanye West and Amy Winehouse lost Album of The Year to Herbie Hancock doing Joni Mitchell covers, or that time Radiohead and Lil Wayne lost to Robert Plant’s and Alison Krauss’s bluegrass concept album about how Robert Plant hates touring with Jimmy Page. But on the other hand, humanity has a few scant generations left before global warming decimates our civilization, and wipes out most life on planet earth.

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The 5 Worst Songs of 2011




It’s a list. You like lists.

Theoretically, there shouldn’t have been too many horrible songs this year. Ke$ha didn’t make an album, for one, and mavens of mediocrity Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Carrie Underwood all mercifully declined to release new music this year. But like evolution and gravity, this is just a theory.

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Lindsey Buckingham Is So Alt!




By Chuck Salter, BEAST Music Correspondent

Buckingham circa 2008

I just discovered Lindsey Buckingham, perhaps the most alt musician to hit the blogs since Toro y Moi. I wanted to name drop him here, so he can start trending real hard on Twitter. I can’t believe no one knows who this guy is yet! Not even Pitchfork.com!

He’s polite, slightly insane and a fantastic singer and guitar player who is handsome and well dressed with an alleged minor coke problem.

I downloaded his leaked album, Tusk, last night, and want to be the first one to review it. He sounds a lot like Animal Collective, the White Stripes and The Clash. I can definitely tell this guy listened to these guys while writing the album!

Check out Lindsey Buckingham’s hipster recording techniques, where he duck tapes a mic to the bathroom floor and sings the vocals. I really like his American Apparel shirt. The video is even faded and worn, a total trademark of a hipster. He’s too cool to look like it’s 2011!

But anyway, Buckingham is OD crazy. Tusk is an animal, a complete ego-tripping fuck fest with banjos, moaning and fuzz guitar. I think the word “Tusk” is symbolism for “penis.” Pretty sure his song “Tusk” is about fucking. Check it out (Lindsey’s the one with the aviators on). He’s already so post-hipster that he doesn’t get caught being filmed with Ray Bans on. The song is already going viral, with over 90,000 hits already.

I could def. see him making Gorilla Vs. Bear, but not Rolling Stone. That would be framing his image as too mainstream. Maybe he’ll collaborate with Ryan Adams and drop an MP3 firebomb on the Internet.

So I bit Torrent downloaded Tusk, and I was blown away by it’s sound. Dry. Abrasive. Melodic. Crazy. I mean, this could easily sound like it came out in 1979. I really like the female back-up singer he has on there. She’s ok, but Lindsey is just so good!

I noticed the album was released through Warner Bros., which is really strange for a major label to be releasing such an Indie act. I mean, I’ll look over the fact that he’s not on a real indie label cause his songs are so artistic!!!!!!!!

Anyway, what are your first impressions of Lindsey Buckingham? Do you think he’ll come out with a #ChillWave album next? How alt would that be?!
Chuck Salter writes for The DEBASER, a hyper local bitch-smacking machine about Connecticut politics. When he’s not unemployed, he works as a reporter or as a stock boy at your local Harry & David.

This article originally appeared in The Debaser.

Why Dr. Dre’s Long Awaited "Detox" Album Will Be the Flop of the Decade




By Chuck Salter, BEAST Music Correspondent

Dr. Dre’s mega-hyped final solo album, “Detox,” is going to piss off a lot of people, record executives and hip-hop illiterati not being one of them. Trust me, my opinion matters here, because I’ve been following the rumors and news of this album since Dre started talking about it over ten years ago. I also spent a good five years of my life exclusively listening to Dr. Dre and G-Funk music and talking shit on west coast rap message boards.

In middle school, I used to come home and blast West Coast gangsta rap like the world was ending. I didn’t even know what weed was then, but it was the album that brought the hood straight into the living rooms of White America. The Chronic was everything grown ups wanted to shelter their kids from: Violence, black people, weed, gangsters, LA riots, and the television news, all wrapped up and delivered with a fat pot leaf on the CD.

When Dr. Dre 2001 came out in 1999, I don’t think there was an album at the time that I ever anticipated as much. This was before albums used to “leak” onto the Internet. It was everything I could expect and more: forward sounding, cleaner, still West coast but totally reinventing all of what hip-hop sounded like to me. I actually had my CD taken away from me in middle school because it too had a pot leaf on it and I brought it everywhere.

Then Dre began name dropping Detox, the final album to his solo trilogy. The one album to end all albums. Originally Dre said he was recording it specifically in 5.1 surround sound, with slated releases that fell through every year last decade. Nothing.

Now it seems to be that we have an April 19 drop date — a full day for pot smokers across the world to prepare for their Holy Day on 4/20. Not only do I smoke a lot of weed now, I can fully appreciate the lyrics way more than when I was a pre-pubescent kid who rocked a Kobe Bryant jersey and bragged to my friends that I had “been to Cali.”

But I’m here to tell you Detox is going to be a flop. I hope I am wrong, because I have thought about this — a lot, to the point of near insanity. I repeat: Dr. Dre’s infamous Detox album will be a FLIPPITY FLOP. And I say this without using record numbers to gauge the quality of an album. Dre will prolly sell a shit ton. The album is just going to be disappointing, period.

My worst fears were confirmed when I heard “Kush,” a so-so song with Akon, someone who is a horrible rapper. Then I saw “I Need a Doctor,” along with its music video, an overly-bloated cinematic sequence where Dre is brought back from the dead. Not only is the song a complete rip-off of Eminem’s single “Love the Way You Lie,” but Dre just sounds WEIRD and the singles don’t sound revolutionary like “Still DRE” and “Forgot About Dre.” I can’t put my finger on it. I know he doesn’t write his own raps and uses ghost writers, but he just sounds forced and out of place with his flow.

But I listen to Dre because he is the best producer in maybe all of music. He brought in NWA, Snoop, Nate Dogg (RIP) and Eminem and the Game and stuck with 50 when he was still good, but these first two singles are wack as hell. Avid West coast lovers are gonna hate the shit out of Detox. People who love Lil Wayne are gonna love it, and that freaks me out.

I mean, the way it seems now, the album is going to come with that neutral-sounding, steril club banger feel with lots of white bitches on hooks. And even though I am cool with this album not being strictly West coast, I don’t want it to be filled with Jay-Z/Beyonce duets and songs that aren’t any different from all the other garbage that is littering the radio today. But that’s what’s going to happen. Dre’s bringing in a whole colony of rappers and co-producing it. Hopefully Scott Storch laid down a lot of shit for it, cause he wrote a lot of songs on 2001.

I just came across this song that might make the album. Definitely better than the first two singles. Check it here.

Maybe I’m way too baked, but between Dre’s shitty cyborg commercials where he’s from the future and the absolute banality of his first two songs, I say Detox is a total fail.


Chuck Salter writes for The DEBASER, a hyper local bitch-smacking machine about Connecticut politics. When he’s not unemployed, he works as a reporter or as a stock boy at your local Harry & David.

Waxy BEAST Review – "The King of Limbs"




RADIOHEAD – The King of Limbs


Like, twenty years ago there was this band called On A Friday from Abingdon, England that mostly tried to sound like the Pixies, but added the occasional ska romp or indie ballad, and even infused electronics and drum machines into their sound.

In the early 90s, Britpop was getting big, so EMI made them change their name to Radiohead, signed them, and told them to “just do that.” They released Pablo Honey and The Bends, which, despite being Great Fucking Albums, were substantially limiting for such a stylistically expansive group.

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Waxy Beast Reviews – Wiz Khalifa




WIZ KHALIFA – Rolling Papers


Ever since Lil’ Wayne released Tha Carter III in 2008, virtually every rapper to see the light of day has struggled to copy his sped-up, southern-drawl-flow and Purple Drank lifestyle. They pay thousands for designer beats and hot-guest verses, and basically beg to get brought up on drug and gun charges to sell ringtones. The thing they all seem to miss is that Wayne is an exception, not a genre. He’s an eccentric genius who can’t help but make you squirm, and when you try to turn his innovations into industry trends, you just water them down.

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