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We All Give Money To Assholes




Boycotting Chick-Fil-A can only get us so far

These people really fucking suck. I don’t have a joke here. They just really suck

By now, you’ve probably heard of the ongoing kerfuffle over Chick-Fil-A’s public opposition to gay marriage. It had always been well-known that the company gave donations to homophobic organizations, but this time, they took it to another level, with company president Dan Cathy publicly stating his views on the matter, and quickly creating an epic shitstorm of bad PR.

It’s easy to understand why people are pissed off. Our country is slowly but surely realizing that gay people are, in fact, humans, and should be treated as such. The days when people who opposed gay marriage were people who liberals could “respectfully disagree with” are long gone, and these people are now being viewed for who they really are: hateful bigots. The simple fact of the matter is, if you oppose gay marriage (or any type of gay rights), then you support discrimination, and that is tantamount to hatred regardless to how you view gays from an emotional standpoint.

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Gay Brands Are Gay




Homosexual Oreos Make Me Puke

It’s happened again. Another trusted American brand has threatened the sanctity of marriage. How dare you, Oreo cookies? And to think that I used to put you in my mouth!

The Supreme Court just upheld Citizens United and smacked down labor fundraising, and they’re likely to end the tyranny of health care on Thursday. It’s bad enough the Obamerment is forcing me to go on man-dates…et tu, Oreos?

This is truly disturbing. No, really. It represents the casual worst of corporate America and its liberal media cheerleaders. Slap a pandering rainbow on your product, or hire a lesbian comedienne as a spokesperson, and the American consuming public collectively agrees that you, like, really give a shit.

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See ALL The Evil!




Evil, Kittehs Abound at #PDF12

Evil shaves its head because it’s balding “gracefully.” Evil lacks principles. Evil tweets with a Mac. Evil is competent. Evil is well paid. Evil has a complexion like Edward James Olmos. Evil might even believe some of its own bullshit. Evil sat next to me during a panel on Wisconsin at the Personal Democracy Forum. Evil’s the online media strategist for the Republican Governors Association. Evil is named Matthew Gagnon.

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Pol Dancing in Wisconsin




Scott Fitzgerald Gives a Stripper a Ride?

UPDATE 9:35 pm: PROBABLY MAYBE MIGHT BE NOT! More info below original post.

Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican Senator who’s represented the 13th district since ’94, is facing a tough recall election tomorrow against Democratic opponent Lori Compas. So it’s too bad for him that a confidential source just emailed me some highly interesting photos.

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