"Totally coup, yo."

Fake Ed Snowden trollolos the internet




Alex Jones’ Infowars Debunks “Solar Killshot,” Reason.com Claims Dog the Bounty Hunter to Track NSA Leaker


Snowden, seen here, enjoys his new Russian clipping path

Considering the ridiculous source, Alex Jones’ megalomaniacal delusion emporium, shock-bait/wank-fest Infowars.com, this one of the funniest things you’ll ever read:

The Internet is ablaze with yet another baseless conspiracy theory that only serves to distract from real cover-ups and issues of genuine significance – the hoax that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden recently warned of a “solar flare killshot’ set to wipe out hundreds of millions of people in September.

Ablaze! It’s true. I’ve even seen the “Snowden” solar killshot story discussed with genuine concern on some of my “friends’” Facebook walls (note to self: stop accepting friend requests from every idiot who asks).

Our readers may remember that this “Snowden” is actually self-described psychonaut, and some-times BEAST contributor, Tyler Bass. At the time Bass revealed his jape, both here and at the Internet Chronicle, @EJosephSnowden had a mere 4,000 followers. As you can now see, he has 21,614… and counting.

The most brilliant bit of Bass’s “coup,” as he put it, is forcing Infowars to do some journalism, ironically, rather than pursuing their typical MO—swallowing/spewing any & every piece of stupid bullshit they come across/make up.

Well done, Mr. Bass. Infowars may never do journalism again.


Chapman: “I’m'a git that pasty [n-word].”

Speaking of dodgy journalism, Bass & Co. have also duped several outfits–including Reason.com (temporarily)–who reported that infamous leather-faced TV racist Dog the Bounty Hunter was in hot pursuit of the NSA PRISM whistle-blower:

Dog, a.k.a Duane Chapman, held a random press conference outside Hawaii’s Da Kine bail bonds, where he said “Sometimes you gotta bend the rules to save America, and if I can catch this traitor Snowden and bring him back to God’s side, then it’ll be worth the risk of a lifetime of hard labor in a Siberian gulag.”

Seriously, well done, Mr. Bass. Very funny stuff.


This post was edited and updated to include Reason.com’s idiocy. Why am I telling you this?

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