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Fuck You, Dave Mustaine




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Like many suburban white kids who don’t get to be part of the popular clique, I acquired a taste for heavy metal in my high school years. There were plenty of metal bands I was (and still am) into — Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Slayer, etc. — but the band I identified with the most was Megadeth. The pissed off ravings of Dave Mustaine really spoke to me. Whether he was rallying against the negative influence of religion on “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due,” or the military industrial complex on “Hangar 18,” I understood what he was saying, and as someone who was new to being a bleeding heart liberal, it felt like it mattered.

Mustaine, seen here, being a douche

Now, however, all that is gone forever. In recent years, Mustaine had shifted to the right a little bit, becoming a born-again Christian, and his last album had a song called “We The People” which seemed to just be a straight up endorsement of the Tea Party.

This was disconcerting, but nothing to get too worked up about. Now, however, Mustaine has truly gone often the deep end, endorsing Rick Santorum for President. Rick Fucking Santorum?! Are you shitting me, dude?! The most vile, racist, homophobic piece of shit in a race crawling with them? That’s just fucking low.

It wouldn’t have shocked me too much if he had endorsed Ron Paul. Mustaine seems like the kind of guy who screams about liberty in a way where you’re not completely sure what he’s talking about. But no, my heavy metal hero had to go all the way into the deep end, endorsing the absolute worst of the worst.

Why does this matter, you ask? After all, as Chuck Klosterman pointed out, it’s not like this is going to actually help Santorum. It’s because this a complete betrayal of everything I thought Dave Mustaine stood for. He seemed like a crusader for the little guy, someone who actually cared about the outcasts of the world. Not in a sloganeering sort of way like Lady Gaga, but in a way that was actually relatable. If he thinks a man who wants to treat gay people as less than human should be president, however, then I know that was all a lie.

Additionally, so many of Mustaine’s classic lyrics seem like utter bullshit now. Like the aforementioned “Holy Wars…” Its opening line spoke against “killing for religion, something I don’t understand.” So wait, killing for religion is wrong, but justifying hatred on the basis of religion is fine? And in “Hangar 18,” he delivers the immortal line “military intelligence/two words combined that can’t make sense,” but he’s cool with a President who wants to bomb the fuck out of Iran as soon as possible? Both those lyrics came from the Rust In Peace album, which Megadeth was performing in its entirety as recently as 2010. Why sing that shit if you clearly don’t believe it, Dave?

So yeah, I’ve loved Dave Mustaine and Megadeth for a long time, but now, he can fuck off. In the immortal words of the Simpsons’ Jimbo Jones, “You’ve changed, man! I don’t believe in nuthin’ no more, I’m goin’ to law school!”

UPDATE: Apparently, Dave saw how pissed everyone was getting about this, and released a statement on Megadeth.com saying that he never truly endorsed Santorum. This feels like blatant backpeddling, though. His exact words were “I’m hoping that if it does come down to it, we’ll see a Republican in the White House next year … and that it’s Rick Santorum.” Even if he didn’t actually use the word “endorse,” it doesn’t matter. That quote is practically the definition of an endorsement. Just like Metallica can’t undo the damage they did to Mustaine’s psyche when they kicked him out, Mustaine can’t undo this dumbassery.


  • Tony in San Diego

    It’s funny listening to people freak out because one popular artist out of a hundred happens to be right-wing. Really, is this what passes for reasonable discourse among the OWS crowd?

    Oh, and I also love to unsupported allegations of Rick Santorum’s homophobia and racism. What comic book taught you everything you know about right-wingers?

  • anteprepro

    Holy shit, Tony. Does every right-winger here need to illustrate how fucking dense right-wingers are?

    The article writer obviously necessarily care that this singer X is right-wing. The entire point of the article is that singer X is right-wing, despite having and still performing songs that are blatantly contrary to his current views.

    Santorum is well known for his homophobia. If you are unaware of that, it is entirely your ignorance, not a flaw in the article.

    As for racism: I think using poor and black interchangeably would be a fairly good sign of racism.

    But I know that conservatives have a much higher bar for racism. I suppose he won’t really qualify unless he shows off a KKK hood.

  • anteprepro

    FUCK. Should be “obviously doesn’t necessarily care”.

  • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

    “But I know that conservatives have a much higher bar for racism. I suppose he won’t really qualify unless he shows off a KKK hood.”

    Hey, just because he’s wearing a white robe and is burning a cross on a black guy’s lawn, you don’t know for sure he’s a racist! You have NO EVIDENCE!!1

  • Diablo

    This is why I am against an music, literary, movie, or TV star get clean…ever. Its better they burn out quick than become a farce.

  • matt

    did someone seriously ask for proof of Santorum’s Homophobia?

    He compared gay people to Dog fuckers and pederasts, blamed liberals for the church protecting criminals, and…honestly i don’t feel like I need to add a third thing at this point. The man is clearly mad.



  • http://youtu.be/z1FyjGPM0Do Joe Dixon

    I don’t listen to metal but it was always my impression that the bands were politically muddled or just lame. I base this only on memory of the 80s when all these (white) suburban kids were killing themselves. Politicians and Jesus fuckers were all blaming it on metal music. Some even suggesting that metal albums played backwards invoked a Satanic command that you kill yourself.

    All hilarious stuff, of course, but the response from the bands of the time seemed telling. Rather than call these idiots idiots, they instead insisted that they were only doing their music for cash. They were good, white suburban kids themselves. If they ever put backward secret messages on their albums it would be commanding kids to buy more records. Nobody had any thing to fear from them. It just smacked of surrender.

    Of course, I freely admit I wasn’t paying close attention so my memory maybe off if anyone wants to correct me.

    • http://www.buffalobeast.com/ Josh Bunting

      @Joe – The Dead Kennedys told the religious right to fuck off and defended their music in court. They were punk, not metal, but it was all part of the same weird attack on music in the 80s.

  • Brack

    Megadeth was my favorite band from Peace Sells.. to Rust In Peace. I respected Mustaine until the scenes in ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ (the Metallica documentary) where he appears to be just a spoiled, insufferable little bitch. I’ve seen this pattern before; the subject has a HUGE drinking/drug problem, a megalomania complex, and is ill-equipped to handling life without the support of something that allows him to go through life mostly numb. The subject then eventually replaces the booze and drugs with a new addiction, God. Which culminates in becoming a far right wing Christian nutjob, and still allows him to go through life mostly numb. He was probably always religiously conflicted, he was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, before he traded that in for booze, guitars, and drugs.

  • Butcher

    Mustaine was always a whiny sack of shit-you could see him being born again from a mile away, an even bigger douche than Lars.

  • Mike C

    @Tony in San Diego

    There’s a reason “Santorum” is listed in Urban Dictionary as it is, and it ain’t Latin etymology.

    But thanks for pointing out that conservative ideology is so appalling you can’t even own up to the values it carves into its policies. Conservatives don’t even want to admit their historical fondness for racial prejudice, which rose to the point of murderous violence. They try to pin that shit on liberals now, and lay claim to civil rights leaders as their forebears—even while repeating the same patterns of frothing intolerance toward gays, Muslims, atheists, women, science, the planet, and reality itself. I’d almost admire the will power and compartmentalization if it were directed toward something remotely useful.

    Some day, if there’s anything left, anthropologists will have a good laugh—at our dipshit culture, and also when sifting through the radioactive ashes of our civilization they find skeletons clinging to indestructible silicone sex dolls.

    What’s worse for you dickheads is that you’re making this big effort to seem enlightened by retroactively disowning the bigotries that had to be forcibly pried from your provincial pissing grounds by the federal government, and then you skulk off to take potshots at the next minority or vulnerable group that hasn’t won its rights yet.

    It’s worse because talking humanely, then appeasing the white trash aristocracy with vulgar, bitter, destructive policies is the domain of modern LIBERALS and DEMOCRATS. That’s their shtick. And they can at least inject a sliver of plausibility into their claims to caring about anything but their careers. Obama’s a fantastic liar—conservatives sound like Viggo Mortensen’s Satan in “The Prophecy,” saying “I love you. I love you more than Jesus,” when trying to lure people into hell, with bits of Christopher Walken’s heart dribbling down his chin.

  • jammalamma

    Well, now instead of calling someone a dumbass, a jackass, anything implying stupidity, ignorance or republicanism, i’m just gonna say ‘dude you’re soooooo tony from san diego’.

    And I know EXACTLY how the author feels, as ten years ago I learned first that my childhood sports hero was a total douchebag, THEN shortly afterward, *gasp* a RIGHTWING douchebag. Jon Elway. Total tony from san diego.

  • Cernunnos

    @7 Joe Dixon

    Well it depends on what we’re talking about as “metal” during the 80s. After all, loud pop rock bands like Poison were considered “metal” back then.

    As far as I can remember, only the really big traditional metal bands like Judas Priest and Ozzy were the ones catching the heat for the Satanism/backmasking/teen suicide shit, but they were never super politically oriented either. If you dove down the underground a little bit, there were plenty of bands with anti-Reagan political attitudes, though if you went across the pond there were even more. German thrash metal bands like Sodom and Kreator and explicitly anti-nuclear war songs while the punk/thrash crossovers starting in the nascent crust punk and grindcore scenes were full of anarcho-punk politics. Napalm Death, the most influential early grindcore band who are still around today, but much more firmly in the death metal scene than the punk scene, are still libertarian socialists with anti-conservative lyrics.

    Of course metal is full of a lot of crypto-fascist sentiment too, but not usually from a religious/Christian right perspective (since most extreme metal is anti-religious or anti-Christian). Lots of black metal bands and other Satanic bands flirt with “might is right” social darwinian themes and some have expressed outright delight at genocides (though it’s often hard to tell with the misanthropist black metal types how much is sincere, since at their most “sincere” they are still theatrical man-children. Still prefer all the extreme metal, even the politically dodgy stuff to most punk.

  • Buffalo Rude

    Eh, so I guy who couldn’t make the cut in Metallica has gotten reactionary in his old age. Who has Newstead endorsed?

  • Buffalo Rude

    “Eh, so THE guy who couldn’t. . .” Sorry about that.

  • Nemesis


    I see what you did there, intentional or not.

    Echothingy and Newstead. Well done, indeed.

  • Anthony

    My image of Dave Mustaine has been permanently shattered. Now instead of always thinking of him as the mediocre talent that was kicked out of Metallica and formed a mediocre metal band, I’ll always think of him as the mediocre talent that was kicked out of Metallica, formed a mediocre metal band, faded into obscurity, and then briefly surfaced a few times for embracing right-wing politics-before fading back into obscurity. Where did the time go?

  • Ozinator

    Mustaine is a very influential guitarist. Not many people can say they changed guitar, but he really can. Very good song writer as well. Still very relevant to anyone paying attention to metal or music requiring musicians.

    This of course takes nothing away from what the writer and others are stating….fuck Dave Buttstaine

  • TheMagicPumpkin

    Dave Mustaine has always come across as a person who doesn’t really have firm beliefs or strong convictions. He is always contradicting himself. The last five years or so he has really gone off the deep end. It seems every other week he is spewing some irrational, conspiracy theory crap, or Donald Trump-ly saying Obama isn’t a citizen!!! blah blah blah

    Also, kudos to the OP for the Jimbo Jones quote.. Classic.

  • Synchronizzle

    Dave NEVER said he endorsed rick santorum he only said he liked him. The guy who wrote this needs to get his facts strait.

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