"Totally coup, yo."





Super slow-mo video reveals God’s hand in Stevie Johnson’s last-second drop during the Bills heartbreaking loss to the Steelers.

Johnson responds:


And a nervous nation awaits an end to the supernatural feud.


  • http://autodidactic.com DrDee

    Johnson probably said what millions have thought. Pointing to the sky and kneeling in the end are quite tiring and even blasé, but this brings life to the game. If God gets praise for the catch then it makes since that he receive the opposite when it ends as a game losing incompletion. About the only thing worse is the obligatory hair out of the helmet, although I really can’t complain as to date, I’ve made over 7 grand selling cheap helmets with stapled-in phony hair.

    Knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s Door

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  • Prometheus

    Dude, you guys have a giant Scientology ad on this page, courtesy of Google Ads and indirectly, Tom Cruise’s money.

  • admin

    Did you click on it a bunch of times? Because you’re not supposed to do that. Please, everyone, do not repeatedly click the Scientology advert to boost BEAST revenue. I repeat: whatever you do, do not click the Scientology ad over and over again, because the last thing we would want is for Tom Cruise’s money to find its way into BEAST coffers.

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