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Good Mourning, America




The death of the middle class in Wisconsin

Madtown @ night 004

Sad night in Madtown. I actually don’t have much to say, nor do I have any new information. I spent most of the night inside the Capitol. After what happened last evening, it seemed like the only reasonable thing to do. It wasn’t.

The reasonable thing to do is to engage in a general strike. Nationwide. Shut it down. Shut the system down. Unfortunately, I don’t control these things, so who knows what’ll shake loose later this morning. Those in the know say the anti-collective bargaining bill will breeze through the assembly in shameful fashion. The Republicans have the votes, and there’s little chance they grew a conscience overnight.

Now that I think of it, I do have some new information: The bust of “Fighting Bob” La Follette in the Capitol rotunda looks a good deal like Martin Sheen. Too bad Josiah Bartlet is no longer president. He’d put on his loafers and come stand with the American workers.

I’ve been awake too long. Sorry about this pointless post.


  • malachi

    Ian, thanks for doing what you do. As a longtime reader/supporter of the Beast, I was hoping that Kochgate and your subsequent articles would bring more visibility to the BB. But it’s also the right thing to do, so thanks.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/JoeDixon?feature=mhum Joe Dixon

    Yeah, thanks Ian.

  • Beast_Fan

    Hopefully there’ll be a strike. The recall efforts are already underway for Scott Walker and other Republicans, even though they have to last a year before the recall election actually takes place.

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