"Totally coup, yo."

How a bill commits suicide





And now an ad to help pay for the funeral:

  • virgo47

    Freaking awesome. Now where is Loathesome? and more stories about drugs.

  • admin

    Dear Virgo47,
    Loathsome will be out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but we’ve been busy doing, ahem, research for more drug stories.

  • admin

    Um, or… now!

  • Ryan Hartley

    ed. Can you please tell me what right wing, functionally retarded, racist and mispronounced words are collected together here? Is that how you think of conservative people, really?

  • Drunkenhero

    Seems about right

  • Mad Jayhawk

    Scorecard (before Massachusetts got tired of Democratic BS). Read carefully. Even move your lips as you read if necessary. I know it is hard reading those things called numbers but you can do it.

    US Senate: Democrats 60 Republicans 40
    US House: Democrats 256 Republicans 175

    And you say that the Republicans did what? Republicans do not have enough votes to order out for pizza let alone influence or pass legislation. Do the stupid math, idiot.

    Add that to the fact that the DEMOCRATIC administration and leadership bribed every slimy corrupt member and organization they could find to get members that would risk their political careers on voting for this monstrosity of a piece of legislation you should be able to see through the Blue Fog and see the horrific picture. Democratic incompetence, corruption, and stupidity.

  • Joshua

    Wow you democrats had the world by the ball and your sorry ass’s could not get it passed only because your own people turned on you guys. Yet blame the republicans or even better blame bush you king Obama is.
    Democrat = Weak, spineless, arrogant, yet afraid of it’s own shadow.

  • steve krieger

    democrats are jews who have A.I.D.S.!

  • dan britt

    For any of the detractors of the process of how this bill was compromised, and to those same people that earn less then 250k, who don’t you just cut your taxes to your boss, bypassing the IRS. If certain people believe that the Bible sanctions taking from the poor and giving to the uber wealthy, why have the charade of government responsibility? Why even have elections? Imagine the efficiency of a ruling council of CEOs and trust-fund folk.
    This bill never had a chance. The Democrats blew it again, the bill was completely co-opted from a mild reform to give people choice in the market, to a straight subsidy for the insurance industry, which is why drug companies no longer oppose the bill. I’m sure Republican congressmen know this but are keeping this absurd posturing for their duped base who were the ones that would have benefited most from this bill in its original intent.

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