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I'm Trying Not To Be A Dick About Community




But do you have to have such shitty taste, America?!

When Arrested Development was being gushed about (but not watched) on a weekly basis, I felt a bit conflicted. I liked the show. I really did. But damn were the fans annoying. Any week you didn’t watch, you had your intelligence insulted, and people acted like you were contributing to greatest injustice in human history. “Fine, go watch your fucking Two And A Half Men, you goddamned Philistine!”

See, I made a promise to never be like that. It wasn’t really that hard, because my favorite show is The Simpsons, which has always been popular, and hasn’t been worth righteously defending since about 2005 (and I’m being more generous than most here).

Lately, however, I’ve found myself in the same conundrum as all those kooks who fainted in despair because they couldn’t watch Michael Cera make out with his fake cousin anymore. I, too, have fallen in love with a show that has a rabid cult fanbase that no one else gives a flying fuck about.

“Jeff, don’t you see! This is just like what happened to fans of Arrested Development.”

That show would be NBC’s Community, which has managed to make it all the way to a third season, despite having fairly low ratings. The show’s fans had lucked out, mostly because NBC couldn’t get a hit show to save their lives. After all, were people going to watch the Indian Minstrel Variety Hour known as Outsourced? Hell no! They also weren’t going to a tune in for an abomination like Whitney which can best be described as “moderately attractive woman tries humor, fails.”

So, even though Community had a limited fan base, it would be safe, if only because it was actually good, and because the few people who did watch were going to keep coming back.

Now, however, that isn’t enough. NBC placed the show on hiatus, and we don’t know if it’s coming back. This is troubling for me. I don’t want to turn in to the next iteration of the Arrested Development diehards. I’ve always had a live-and-let-live outlook when it comes to television. If you’d rather watch Nancy Grace pathetically attempt a tango than watch a well-constructed piece of comedy writing, that’s your business, I say!

But now, I’m on the fast track to insufferability. I generally avoid talking about the show, because its fan base so often resembles a cult. A cult I’ve reluctantly joined. From now on, whenever someone mentions The Big Bang Theory I’m going to lose it. Fuck that show. We get it, a bunch of nerds in a house with a generic hot blonde they all want to fuck but don’t have the looks or social skills to actually fuck is funny. For about 30 seconds. For fuck sake, Community even has a better character with Asperger’s! Abed is smart friendly, and only occasionally annoying, while Big Bang’s Sheldon is a caricature of autism that in no way resembles a human being.

Alright, I need to calm down. It hasn’t been canceled yet, and NBC’s shitty schedule may bail Community out once again. But God damn, America! Can’t you display a little taste once in awhile? Can’t you laugh at a show whose jokes require thought? Eh forget it, I’ll just watch VH1. A new episode of Australian Rules Football Wives is about to start.


  • Ned

    Really, can anyone ask for more than “trying not to be a dick”? Sixseasonsandamovie!

  • matt

    hmmm, I may have to actually watch community. But spot on about Whitney and Big bang theory

  • robert van bakel

    Try Black’s Books. Look it up!

  • robert van bakel

    Sorry “Black Books”, heh!

  • Bonnie

    Community is a great show. The characters are hilarious and extreme but realistic. But come on the office was funny and sort of still , Parks and rec is funny. Whitney makes me sad because it gives into the girls aren’t funny stereotype. I get it she has a sense of humor like a 12 yr old boy and it is suppose to be funny. OK Sarah Silverman and chelsey handler aren’t funny as seperate people and they aren’t funny when combined into one to make Whitney.
    As for CBS sitcoms I am still trying to figure it out. Some of ABC’s wense shows are worth watching. The middle can be funny, but usually dumb. Modern family is hilarious and so far subagatory is funny.
    Do yourself a favor and get rid of cable. If you have the internet you can watch whatever is on cable; why let them do that to you.

  • matt

    Okay just finished the first season of Community, It was awesome. How the fuck is Whitney getting better ratings?

    Also Parks and Recreation is pretty good too. Sort of early Office-esque.

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