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Interview: Doug Benson




Doug Benson

You probably know Doug Benson from his film Super High Me, a documentary in the vein of Super Size Me, in which the California-based comedian constantly smoked pot for 30 days while measuring the toll it was taking on his body (spoiler alert: it was negligible). He’s also been in a ton of other stuff, too, but when we found out he was coming to Buffalo for to perform, we emailed him some questions. Then he emailed us some answers.

First of all, I hope you’re enjoying the Holidays. Did you do anything special to commemorate the 20th this year, or was it just pizza delivery and a CSI marathon like the rest of the country?

I’m more of an L & O marathon kind of guy. But I actually recorded a new album that night, which will be out later this year.

You’ve carved out a niche as The Weed Comedian after being named Stoner of the Year by High Times Magazine and subjecting yourself to a grueling pot regiment in the documentary Super High Me. When was the last time you paid to smoke?

I buy it sometimes, because I like to give back to the system.

New Jersey recently authorized a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries and several other states have crept closer to decriminalization. As a Card-holding Californian, what advice would you give to Mom and Pop hustlers trying to survive in the face of legalization?

Move to Cali!

Given the amount of time I spend skulking IMDb, I’m downright ashamed with myself whenever I try to play along with the Leonard Maltin Game at home. The actual contestants are typically pretty solid, though. Are there any guests you’re really looking forward to on upcoming Doug Loves Movies podcasts?

Thanks to Twitter I was able to convince Johnathan Lipnicky from JERRY MAGUIRE to be on soon. I think it will be fun to talk to him now that he’s grown up and probably has some perspective on making that movie. Not to mention THE LITTLE VAMPIRE!

I’d like readers to get to know your softer side. When was the last time you cried?

The series finale of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Great show, great characters, I was balling at the end. But it’s ok because the show is about football, right?

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal when you were little? And how did you feel when you had to part ways with your special buddy? Be honest.

I had a talking Bugs Bunny doll that had dirty fur and the string you pull to make it talk was busted, but every time my Mom threw it away, I’d dig it out of the trash. Finally let it go when I hit 30.

If you had to say whether you like hecklers or whether you dislike hecklers, would you say that you like hecklers? Or would you say that you dislike hecklers?

I think it’s a trick question, but I’m gonna go with dislike. Being enthusiastic and yelling something is ok, but just trying to throw the comic off or disrupt the show – not cool. If you wanna do that, just stay home and yell at your tv.

So yeah, so there you go. Doug is performing at Babeville in Buffalo on April 28 (and we’re pretty sure we get tickets for mentioning that – dope!). Dude is all over the place though, so check out the dates on his website, DougLovesMovies.com, and download his podcast because it’s free and you have no reason not to.


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