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Koch Whores Attack!




Wisconsinites turn in 1.1 million signatures to recall Walker, Andrew Breitbart goes after The BEAST

My life is funny. By day — or whenever I wake up — I’m a mild mannered blogger. But by night — or whenever I get around to it — I’m engaged in an epic battle against evil billionaires, corrupt politicians and their craven media lapdogs, for the very soul of America. It sounds crazy. But that’s my life. It’s actually a lot of peoples’ lives these days. The sleeping giant is now awake and in the streets. 

So I went out to Wisconsin last week to shake some hands. When you thoroughly punk a state’s governor, it’s your duty to visit every so often and say, “Hey.” Today 1.1 million Walker recall petition signatures were delivered to Madison from all over the state. On Sunday, I estimated nearly a million signatures would be turned in. The New York Times said 720,000. In your face, New York Times.

Today’s also the day Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government joins the corporate campaign to smear Walker’s Democratic opposition by connecting them to lil’ old me. I told you my life was funny.

Before getting into the anatomy of this smear, it’s time for the Slightly Homoerotic Big Government Death Threat Comment Compendium!


SO that was fun. And topical!

Yesterday, the National Review chimed in on my treachery. I presumed they were just getting back at me, for stealing their life-sized cardboard Reagan stand-up during the ’08 New Hampshire primary, so I missed a big part of the coordinated smear.

The site I referred to previously, and foolishly, as “some Wisconsin-based blog,” is actually a well-oiled, heavily-funded attack arm of the Koch/Other Rich Assholes empire of evil interests. Media Trackers, which is frequently cited by Big Government, is a Wisconsin-based Koch/Other Rich Assholes front dedicated to “digging up dirt on the left.” The dirt they’ve come up with to discredit some Wisconsin Democrats is that they stood next to me. That’s disgusting!

Sponsored by American Majority, a “free market” Teabag “think” tank, Media Trackers is meant to mimic credible media watchdogs like Media Matters. American Majority is in turn funded almost entirely by the Sam Adams Alliance. The chairman and CEO of the Sam Adams Alliance is a guy called Eric O’Keefe. O’Keefe attends Koch strategy sessions. He’s also a member of the Club for Growth Wisconsin — a Koch/Other Rich Assholes organization that staged “pro-Walker” rallies in Madison last year along with Americans for Prosperity (another Koch joint).

Yesterday I wrote this about the National Review smear:

Schneider is amplifying the attack of former WSJ hack and current Milwaukee right-wing radio goon Charlie Sykes — who also has a side job with the Bradley Foundation. Even Sykes third wife, Janet Riordan, works for Bradley as Director of Community Programs…

As it turns out, Charlie Sykes is in cahoots with Media Tracker and another phony media watchdog group called the MacIver Institute — which is funded by groups like Americans for Prosperity and staffed by people like Herman Cain’s former Chief of Staff, and smoking enthusiast, Mark Block.

So there’s that. With an incredible 1.1 million people signing to get rid of Walker — almost as many people who actually voted him into office — the Koch/Bradley/Other Rich Asshole Alliance is understandably lashing out at anything they think might stick. I guess they think I’ll stick. It faintly reeks of desperation.

I’m being attacked by the intellectual and financial heirs of the men who founded the John Birch Society. Life is hilarious.


  • Biff Squat-thrust

    Pay out just a little more rope. These guys are close to achieving asshole perfection all by themselves.

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  • Buffalo Rude

    I dunno, Murphy, I stood next to you once and it was kinda smelly. So I can kinda see what they’re saying. But don’t worry about showering or hygiene right now, finish the fucking list already!

    *taps foot, stares impatiently at imaginary watch*

  • hmm

    I am not even kidding. You truly have some balls. Conservatives are really scary. With the economy being as it is and the price of prescriptions being up, many aren’t getting their medications. They also mostly have guns and many drive semi trucks while listening to Rush. It’s scary.

  • hmm

    I should say Rush Limbaugh. Although the thought of a conservative listening to the band rush with a gun in a semi truck scares me as well.

  • Jeremy

    “Media Trackers is a conservative non-profit, non-partisan investigative watchdog”

    Media Trackers is conservative……but non-partisan? Jesus fucking Christ, I hate these people.

  • http://vectorpress.blogspot.com Trevor

    Here’s a scary thought – how many of these screwheads are sincere? It’s nice to think they’re oppotunists but I’ve met more people than I care to recall that would spout the same libertarian bullshit for free. ‘Course I’ve spent alot of time in the South so that might be sampling bias.

  • Mike C


    I like to give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume first that they’re desperate people, being paid by some think tank or PR firm.

  • Syndicalist

    How come none of you are saying anything about the Massachusetts House also voting to end collective bargaining rights and the DNC speech site using non-union labor? Or is it just easier and safer to complain about those eeevil teabagger Rethuglicans and libertarians and see the Koch brothers under every bed?

  • Joseph Sciortino

    Syndicalist has a point. The limousine liberals of Massachusetts are typical hypocrites.

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