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Kony 2012!




Ugandan Lunatic Destroys Romney in Super Tuesday Twitter Battle

So if you were on the Twitter last night, you saw a lot of hashtags like #STOPKONY, #KONY2012, #makekonyfamous, and #youowemehead. This Kony character is still trending. “Kony 2012″ is a video and ad campaign put together by a group called Invisible Children. 

We don’t know anything about Invisible Children, nor do we understand how retweeting #KONY2012 will “bring him to justice,” but here’s a brief primer on Kony’s group of child soldiers — first posted in The BEAST’s list of 5 Religious Organizations You Should Hate:

Lord’s Resistance Army

“Dudes, let’s go to the arcade!”

For the past few years, journalist Jeff Sharlett has been covering the notorious C Street Family whose shady dealings have, among other things, included ties to Uganda’s proposed legislation which would punish homosexuality, including capital punishment in some instances.

The Lord’s Resistance Army wasn’t behind that. The “kill the gays” bill is too mild for them. They just want straight-up theocracy in Uganda, with laws based on a mix apocalyptic Christianity focusing on the Ten Commandments and traditional Acholi spiritualism, and they’re doing pretty much everything they can do in order to make that happen.

Joseph Kony, seen here, gettin’ his motor runnin’

The LRA is led by Joseph Kony, a self-proclaimed “spokesperson of God” and “spirit medium.” That means he hears voices in his head and thinks that it’s a deity talking to him. Under his leadership, the LRA has abducted some 30,000 children to use as soldiers, kept women as sex slaves, attacked and raped civilian populations, all of which has caught the attention of INTERPOL and the International Criminal Court. In the meantime, children find a new place to sleep every night in order to avoid getting mutilated, forced into sexual slavery or into Kony’s Christian militia.


So, yeah, retweet that shit. We guess. That’ll help. Couldn’t hurt, anyway.

Update: And, not for nothing, but it’s sort of hilarious that Rush Limbaugh gets more flack for calling someone a slut than he did when he stuck up for the LRA.


  • Anteprepro

    It’s hilarious that “she’s a slut” is the one thing out of all of the horrible things Rush has said that actually got this response. He probably says worse on a regular basis, and I simply cannot fathom why this particular thing became a controversy.

    Anyway, back on Kony island: gotta love that a Ten Commandment lovin’ organization is a fucking militia known for rape and child soldiers. Frankly, that sounds about right to me.

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