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Lies, Damn Dirty Lies, and Scott Walker's Job Numbers




Wisconsin Governor’s Pants Burst into Flames, Thousands Missing

Wisconsin’s job record is the worst in the nation. Scott Walker’s tried to obscure that fact with cheap slogans like “Wisconsin Is Open For Business” and “It’s working.”  Apparently, it’s not working well enough, so he’s graduated from bad public relations to pulling an Enron on Wisconsin’s labor statistics. According to Rick Ungar at Forbes:

The Governor has simply decided to ignore the system used by the Department of Labor —and every other state in the nation —to measure job growth (or loss) and elected instead to go with a different set of numbers that makes things in Wisconsin look better.

Even for a shameless liar like Walker, fictionalizing Wisconsin’s job numbers is unprecedented. Basically, Walker’s Chief Economist John Koskinen (who honed his number manipulation with Freddie Mac) put together a presentation called “Challenging The Spot Of The Ball,” which concludes that those who’ve stopped looking for work should no longer be counted as unemployed. What a bunch of dicks.

Meanwhile in the Badger State, Walker’s edging out Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 50% to 45% in the latest Daily Kos/PPP poll. How the fuck is that possible? Are Wisconsinites retarded? Retarded enough to believe they’ve found work riding their couches? No. It’s because conservatives know this race has national implications. The RNC, the Republican Governor’s Association, and every rich asshole in the country is dumping millions into Walker’s war chest. Walker’s outspending Barrett 20 to 1. And the DNC is doing fuck all. Is that idiocy, apathy, or yet another clear signal that the Democratic Party gives zero fucks about labor?

Well, if I get to Wisconsin, I’ll try to find out.

You know, if I’m not in jail. Follow me on Twitters.


  • Jonathon Chance

    How are you going to get to Wisconson if you are in Jail. Hey, if you do go, can you bring me back some cheese?

  • admin

    You ever see Shawshank? Like that. Donate and I’ll get you some cheese.

  • Jonathon Chance

    LOL!!! You try to Shawshank in Wende. Let me know how that works out for ya. They’ll be cutting your cheese for sure.

  • darcy
  • http://youtu.be/ALr09YehzP0 Joe Dixon

    All you need to know about our political system is this:

    The national Republicans are The Harlem Globetrotters and the national Democrats are The Washington Generals. The Washington Generals job is to lose. They aren’t suppose to lose obviously or too easily but they are suppose to lose. When you understand that then you’ll understand every dust up you see in DC or Wisconsin or any where else you have Republicans or Democrats.

    Oh, sure the Democrats might win an election or two. But they still must lose on legislation. So when they are in the White House, they will insist the Congress is too powerful. When they have the Congress, they will insist the White House it too powerful. If they have both the White House and The Congress they will insist the minority is too powerful. If the minority is in disarray they will insist that elected Congress people in conservative states (whom the party made sure to have there on just such occasions) are too powerful. They will always have an excuse. They will always fall short. Because that’s the Democratic parties job. And it has been for a long, long time.

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