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Lindsey Buckingham Is So Alt!




By Chuck Salter, BEAST Music Correspondent

Buckingham circa 2008

I just discovered Lindsey Buckingham, perhaps the most alt musician to hit the blogs since Toro y Moi. I wanted to name drop him here, so he can start trending real hard on Twitter. I can’t believe no one knows who this guy is yet! Not even Pitchfork.com!

He’s polite, slightly insane and a fantastic singer and guitar player who is handsome and well dressed with an alleged minor coke problem.

I downloaded his leaked album, Tusk, last night, and want to be the first one to review it. He sounds a lot like Animal Collective, the White Stripes and The Clash. I can definitely tell this guy listened to these guys while writing the album!

Check out Lindsey Buckingham’s hipster recording techniques, where he duck tapes a mic to the bathroom floor and sings the vocals. I really like his American Apparel shirt. The video is even faded and worn, a total trademark of a hipster. He’s too cool to look like it’s 2011!

But anyway, Buckingham is OD crazy. Tusk is an animal, a complete ego-tripping fuck fest with banjos, moaning and fuzz guitar. I think the word “Tusk” is symbolism for “penis.” Pretty sure his song “Tusk” is about fucking. Check it out (Lindsey’s the one with the aviators on). He’s already so post-hipster that he doesn’t get caught being filmed with Ray Bans on. The song is already going viral, with over 90,000 hits already.

I could def. see him making Gorilla Vs. Bear, but not Rolling Stone. That would be framing his image as too mainstream. Maybe he’ll collaborate with Ryan Adams and drop an MP3 firebomb on the Internet.

So I bit Torrent downloaded Tusk, and I was blown away by it’s sound. Dry. Abrasive. Melodic. Crazy. I mean, this could easily sound like it came out in 1979. I really like the female back-up singer he has on there. She’s ok, but Lindsey is just so good!

I noticed the album was released through Warner Bros., which is really strange for a major label to be releasing such an Indie act. I mean, I’ll look over the fact that he’s not on a real indie label cause his songs are so artistic!!!!!!!!

Anyway, what are your first impressions of Lindsey Buckingham? Do you think he’ll come out with a #ChillWave album next? How alt would that be?!
Chuck Salter writes for The DEBASER, a hyper local bitch-smacking machine about Connecticut politics. When he’s not unemployed, he works as a reporter or as a stock boy at your local Harry & David.

This article originally appeared in The Debaser.

  • Harry Bruce

    nevermind -.-

  • Billy Bromp

    This is the story, right?
    Kid steals prescription meds from his parents or friends medicine cabinet…kid writes hyper-sarcastic, ritalin-jag influenced piece of garbage for his high school year book… The Beast hires him as “a music correspondent”. Ugh… This ‘piece’ is simply not funny, not scathing,nor is it remotely clever…
    I think the ‘correspondent’ needs to be locked in a room with the collected works of HST for about 5 years… this is rubbish people, utter rubbish….

  • Salter


    Do you even know who Lindsey Buckingham is? Or what satire is? The article was written in ten minutes. Or are you just a hipster who takes everything too seriously?

  • http://debaseronline.tumblr.com Lipshitz

    Hey Billy I think you should be locked in a room with a million dicks raping you for 5 years because you obviously don’t know what satire is.

  • what WHAT

    Somewhere in a Williamsburg loft, Carles’ ears are burning. You might want to consider paying him royalties after ripping off his style so blatantly.

    JK LOL it was hilarious I ROFLed.
    <3 u beastie

  • Salter

    Not if you’re ripping off someone who sucks already.

  • Ozinator

    i chuckled

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