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Live from inside the Capitol in Madison, WI

Madtown @ night 002

MARCH 10, 2011 (2:55 am CST)–So I couldn’t sleep. I went back to the hippie crash pad, had some “medicine,” and now I’m back inside. There are no police posted at the doors. A few hundred people come and go as they please. Many now are dozing off on the floor or chatting quietly. The drumming has ceased, for the night. I hope.

The shame from last evening is still echoing through the halls. My fucking foot is asleep. Pins and needles. I’m splayed out on the marble. I think Trotsky’s starting a sexual revolution somewhere.

It’s weird being in here at night. It’s a beautiful pigsty, indeed, and witnessing the peaceful occupation is like a bizarre piece of performance art. It’s a sleepover. I had free pizza. Mother Democracy’s letting us stay up late and play. We’re going to feel like shit tomorrow.

What happened earlier is disgusting. If you’re not up on the deal: The pig-fucking Senate Republicans pig-fucked Wisconsin. They stripped the anti-collective bargaining bit from Walker’s budget “repair” bill and voted on that issue alone. They did this because budgetary legislation needs a special quorum–they need 20 Senators, which is why the 19 Republicans have thus far been stymied by the 14 Senate Dems in exile. Non-budgetary matters only need 14 to achieve a quorum, so they pig-fucked it through. It’s illegal, strong-arm, third world bullshit. And that’s where we stand.

All the cries of “Shame!” in the world won’t stop the assembly from throttling through this pig-fucking mess. It’s nearly certain that the nation will wake up, go to work, and hear the news that collective bargaining is dead in Wisconsin. And if you believe one pig-fucking word out of Scott Walker’s putrescent maw, you know he thinks of himself as the first domino in a line that will mark the end of workers’ rights in America.

But the fight is not over. Sleeping out here tonight is an experience, but the only recourse left for the people of Wisconsin is a recall of Governor Walker and his Republican colleagues in the Senate. The Gov recall requires that he be in office for a year first, so this may call for more immediate and direct action. “General strike!” people chanted outside last night. That may be exactly the ticket.

I’m too wired to sleep. But I have to go walk around.

UPDATE (3:17 am CST):

Most have cleared out of the building. Fewer than 100 remain. I found an electrical outlet, so I’m going to take a nap, and recharge.

UPDATE (4:35 am CST):

There are very few people left. Some are snoring. The bathrooms are open. We’ve not been asked to leave, but if you do, you can’t get back in until 8 am. I’m dying for a smoke. Sleep instead.

UPDATE (6:45 am CST):

I never did sleep. I left the Capitol and now I’m just wandering. Ain’t we all.


CLARIFICATION: The phrase “pig-fucked it through” was meant to describe how the Republicans violated the Open Meetings Law. That was the illegal act mentioned above, not that the collective bargaining bit was removed from the budget and voted on separately.

And “Paul from England”: EAT MY FUCKING SHIT. I’m tired of you faux-sensitive assholes being more offended by words, which are completely arbitrary, than you are by billionaires and their government cronies putting profit before people at every turn. You, sir, are an asshole.


  • Randy

    “Non-budgetary matters only need 14 to achieve a quorum, … It’s illegal”

    This makes no sense. It’s legal, so it’s illegal?

    • http://nanobotswillenslaveusall.wordpress.com/ Josh Bunting

      Randy, I think the legal issue is over whether the GOP Senators violated the Open Meetings Law.

  • Anteprepro

    They changed the bit they were voting on from budgetary to non-budgetary in order to get it passed while Democrats were away. Obviously, a perfectly fair and legitimate move.

  • Joel

    Thanks for being there, Murphy. The Beast is always there when America breaks its heart.

  • Paul

    I am a resident of Wisconsin, but am writing this from ENGLAND, on vacation. You are turning me off with your vulgar language, which is not needed to get your point across. You do a good job without the vulgarity. You are smarter and have better vocabulary than having to go into the gutter for words to express your opinion. Clean up your act and I will then continue to support you.

  • Paul from America

    I’m from America, and I think you could stand to use more profanity and use it more creatively.

    I’d support you either way though because you are the bad motherfucker who did the Koch/Walker crank call… (Just talking about Murphy…)

  • Gaylord Moron

    I am a child and I am afraid of words and so I will pettily refuse to support you even though I agree with you.

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