"Totally coup, yo."

Murphy calls for execution of so-called “Peace Activist”




We got this press release from Murphy and if we don’t run it he’ll beat us

**For immediate release**

Ian Murphy calls for the swift execution of so-called “Peace Activist” Nate Buckley, who was pepper-sprayed and arrested following last Friday’s “peace march.”

According to Artvoice’s Geoff Kelly:

“Last Friday’s peace march in downtown Buffalo ended in tears for activist Nate Buckley, courtesy of a dose of pepper spray administered directly into his eyes. Bruises, too, courtesy of the officer’s nightstick.

Buckley was one of 70 or so peace activists who assembled in Lafayette Square Friday afternoon to march, sing, and make speeches protesting the country’s wars at home and abroad.”

“While there seems to be some doubt as to who truly pepper-sprayed whom, for no apparent reason,” says Ian Murphy, “we should take all precautions is this matter and put that dirty hippie to death.”

Murphy also calls upon his opponents Jane Corwin, Kathy Hochul and Jack Davis to “show their support for endless war, authoritarianism and the violent crushing of dissent.”

Buckley and two others will be arraigned in City Court, Part 2 (50 Delaware Avenue) at 9:30am on Friday, April 15.  Please, show up and make your death wishes known.


  • Dougie Johnston

    Me, me, now. NOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWOOOOO!1! Whhyyyy? Meeeee nhowllllll! Don’t kill him, I love him and Jesus and the Sabers.

  • Jane Corwin

    Ian Murphy was briefly mentioned on channel 2 daybreak weekend.

  • http://alfrankenweb.com/forum Sir Rhino
  • Sue Stiles

    there are several options that may seem at first to be of no connection, consequence or merit. unless…..1. pres. porter at seneca, i have an “in” there. future objectives, current unresolved conflicts and an alliance of HUGE value now and later, i have a general working knowledge of the dynamics of your shared mutual objectives, obstacles and where they could and may be a willing and grateful……alliance. 2. access the criminal complaint filed on 6/18/09 case # 09mj4099. pg’s. 18, 23-29 should be a good read; and as far as i know it is still a guide to the gold you seek. if this is enough to get your attention that i might be,
    an asset, lmk. check the koch’s ho comments 433 or that general vacinity i have been on board for awhile.

  • Sue Stiles

    H.H. how do ya like me now? sample slogans….IN N.Y.? NO FRACKJNG WAY!!!fracking is 4 fools.or maybe this one…. it’s POISONING PEOPLE 4 PROFIT? NO FRACKING WAY! say no to fracking in NY or maybe ….POLLUTION, POLITICS,PROFIT VS. PEOPLE PROGRESS PRESERVATON? .

  • Sue Stiles

    WANNA GET THE 411 go to monroerising.com and let it fly.. check out the previous archive entries for the subject or individual and find the faces and da facts. such an obtuse and obscure source of lots and lots of the missing pieces to a lot of puzzles.

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